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Forums Serious Talk Ranting - Working in a "bilingual" city

Artist — #1 Witch Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/11/21 03:49:14 )

So, for some context:
I live in one of the bigger cities found in the province of Quebec. The population of quebec mostly speaks french as their first language, but there are a few that speak english as their first language as well. I think the last time i checked it was 80/20 with french being the vast majority.
I've lived in this province my entire life, its where i was born. I do consider myself to be bilingual. Though, I still have an accent. which is understandable when I've only been speaking french for about 4 years now.

Now I have no idea why this happened, but one of my coworkers randomly came up to me as i was leaving and asked "T'as la misère a parler en francais, huh?" in english thats "you have troubled speaking french, huh?". I literally did not speak to this coworker all day so it was really out of the blue.
Honestly, I'm really self conscious about how i speak french since a lot of people seem to have opinions on it. some say my accent is weird because i learnt from people who are french french, rather than Quebecoise french. Obviously I ended up stuttering when i replied to her, since i wasnt sure what to say?
Like ive been told my french has improved a lot since i first started speaking. and to be brought down so suddenly kind of just really sucks. Especially when its from a person that isnt even close to being bilingual. Like this person can't even count to 20 in english. which is ridiculous considering english is a mandatory subject in high school smh
They even had the audacity to tell me it wasnt meant to be mean.
I really dont get it. why do people feel the need to call people out based on what languages they know or dont know?


Artist — Lion Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/11/21 16:21:05 )
People feel the need to attack other people for their own pleasure because they are typically self conscious themselves. This person in specific might be attacking your French due to you knowing more English all together. I personally think it’s silly, as language is something everyone can learn so there really is no need for competition. It’s not like you are just born and know it, it’s based upon your upbringing. Some people I guess are just jealous of how others might know more than them and feel threatened, and so they call other people out with attacks. I’d just ignore their statement and if you work with them, I’d discuss with your supervisor how it made you feel.

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