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Artist — Lion Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/4 00:57:41 )
When you hit rock bottom but don’t have the strength to get up, what do you do? 2021 is starting off completely .... impossible to get through.

Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/4 03:53:34 )

Just take it one day at a time. Don’t think too far in the future. It’s too overwhelming.

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Donator — He/Him Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/4 06:11:56 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

Mentally i feel like im compleatly at rock bottom. My friend told me "well theres no other way then up now"
I told her to not underestemate me bc i know how to use a shovel.
Im rly having a hard time aswel and im curently trying to find a psychologist.
As of what i curently do to keep me distracted is binge watch series and movies. Ive recently watched all the ice age movies, now im watching the legend of kora.
I wish you a speedy recovery!

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/4 08:43:29 )

I was asking this question a few weeks ago and still kind of am.
I started getting more sleep. I play this game and there is an event that I would wake up from 4am to 5am to play and then go back to sleep. I was really scared of what I might do to myself at this rock bottom, so I stopped doing that so I could get more sleep. I also stopped drinking coffee because it was affecting my sleep as well. It's helped a little bit.
I also found a few new things to be excited about. I got a new laptop, I really like this ethics class I'm taking, I signed up for some professional development webinars, I re-organized my e-mail inbox and created filters, and I started reading a new book.
I've been thinking about scheduling a behavioral health appointment (what we call our therapist/psychologist/counselors) but I haven't (yet).

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/4 12:08:42 )
I usually write goals when I hit rock bottom. This is because I am so so so scared to go back into the complete horror spiral a number of years back. I am still so scared to be left alone in the dark with nothing to hold on to, not even the endless goal lists. But yeah, I discussed this issue w my psychologist along w other issues. Goals are great, but I don’t want my entire life to revolve around achieving them & deadlines in general.
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Donator — He/Him Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/03/5 00:52:00 )
Get angry about something? And then say out loud something like "that is fucking bullshit!" and then move on. Clean small bits at a time. Sit in the sunlight for a few minutes. Name your favorite flowers.

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Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/5 14:07:02 )

Well the only path is to go up but that's something that doesn't happen overnight.
Do what you can at the present moment. Lift your spirits up even if it can be meaningless.

And if you fail well you fail. You always have the opportunity to try again.
I think you truly hit rock bottom when you give up and stop trying.

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Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/5 15:51:40 )
You're not the only one experiencing this type of thing. The details for each of us might be different, but the fallout from this whole pandemic-political-world situation BS is affecting most of us in similar ways right now. We're so used to thinking that we have control over things, and it's human nature to Try... to Do...

So, first, realize that you're not the only one and you're not alone.

Turn off your TV. Stop listening to or watching the news, social media, etc. The world is not going to stop if you give yourself a break from the constant chaos found in those places. It will be easy enough to catch up later, if you so choose, after you've regained your personal equilibrium.

Then, try to let go of the things that you can't control. Try to relax, to "flow", to "be gentle" with yourself (no, it's not always easy to do; do it anyway). Give yourself permission to truly rest and relax and recuperate ... even if it's only for half an hour every day.

Find something healthy that you like or want to do -something just for you that makes your heart sing!- and just do it... for like 1 minute every day - no "should do"s - just something you enjoy or something healthy and fulfilling that you want to add to your life. Adopt the mindset of "I can do this (specific thing for this time)!" and do it. Take baby steps!!

Take one step and one day at a time.
See what happens. :)

For me (because yes, I'm going through this too), this meant finding a couple apps to lead me through 2-10 minute (mostly yoga) exercises, and short guided meditations. Having the apps relieves me of the need to think or to make decisions about what to do next in a yoga sequence or workout session (although normally I'm quite capable of doing so) and has encouraged me to actually do the workout - partly because after pulling up the app, my immediate response is "Oh! 2 minutes? Yeah, I can do that"... and that's a really nice feeling, tbh. I have a few apps like this that I scroll through daily. If I don't feel up to doing cardio, I'll do a gentle yoga routine. If I feel great, I'll combine a couple of these short workouts and do them. My goal is to do something physical every day... and I try to listen to what I actually "need" each day for my physical and mental health (whether that's cardio, or gentle yoga, or something else), keeping away the whole "but I should do X" ("should" is counterproductive). Also- I try to do this at the same time every day because it becomes part of a regular routine and it helps me actually do it. Doing physical exercise has also helped relieve the stress (because that's what exercise does). It has been a slowly accumulating effect with little effort required and I'm feeling better than I was a week ago.

Good luck. <3

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