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Donator — They/Them Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2021/12/30 19:19:28 )
I don't remember my password and need to reset it.
I'm logged in on my computer, but need to sign in on a new mobile device.

I tried to change my password on my browser, while logged into my account, but to do so I need my current password. So that doesn't work.

The website says the feature to reset a password is not currently available... so I'm curious if there is a way for me to reset my password, or if not how long will it be until I can do so?


Donator Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2021/12/30 21:13:50 )
    PM @Vozzy: or send a support ticket!


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Donator — They/Them Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2021/12/30 21:38:40 )
That's a good idea, ty Sunny.

Donator — They/Them Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2021/12/30 21:40:29 )
Nm, I forgot you can view your saved passwords on chrome :' )
Issue resolved for me, but still curious why the password reset isn't functional.

Developer — A.I. Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/01/2 15:40:55 )
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I do apologise that it's taken a while but a fix for the Automated Password Reset function is in the works. The holidays slowed me down greatly but with all of that blown over, some updates should be coming soon, including the Automated Password Reset. c:

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