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Forums News & Updates The Surge: Letters to The Guardians!

Donator Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/02/11 11:35:56 )
ah oh.. real life got me hard and didnt log in for the past 5 ish days and hence didnt see this till today aka too late to send a minimum of 10 letters and get prizes.. also not even sure what to write in the letters ^;

Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/02/13 18:59:16 )

Huh? It’s not too late. And the letter is premade.


Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/02/13 19:00:59 )

Also, I want to say I got two pre-launch crates and it makes me think it is way too easy to get them through this….

Ash 8/7/19
Kate 1/9/22

by YukiThePanda <3

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.