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Forums Voltra Discussion out of curiosity...

Creative director — he/him Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/7 16:53:27 )
and definitely not because I'm in control of this stuff but

which npcs would you guys be interested in seeing interact in future events/official threads?
I mean anything from old favourites like "more Vivi and Vanora please" to untouched ground like "how would Velvet and Volkan get along?" (strange choice but)
just curious about anything you'd guys would like to see

ALSO who would you be curious to learn more about in general? what have you always wanted to know?

and finally because I'm just making this up as I go along and piling on more and more, in general what do you like seeing in regards to story? npcs dealing with different situations, or more intimate character studies and interactions? like one on one 'let's explore their personality/backstory more' type stuff

(don't even know who the npcs even are? can check out this unofficial guide I made, or our NPC art gallery

Writer Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/7 17:06:55 )
    I think it would be cool to explore the world of Voltra more. We see the NPCs interact with each other, but it seems like we don’t spend much time in the actual WORLD of Voltra, like, are there subcultures, are there superstitions, are there rituals outside the standard holidays/events? Idk if I’m explaining myself properly. The Camping Event was a good example of this, we got to explore a little more about the actual realms etc.

    Obvs I would love to see the NPCs interact more (worldbuilding is worldbuilding etc) (and especially VREG with anyone) but I really really want to know more about the physical place that is Voltra!!!


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Voltie — They/He Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/7 17:27:44 )
Should they keep it on display...

To be honest, I'd like to see the NPCs interacting with users more often! I get so excited when it does happen, but it's really only during events (with the outlier being the one time I was simping over Lin and you commented with him saying thanks and I flipped my shit LOL)

Or redecorate?

Creative director — he/him Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/9 02:52:56 )
@sunny: that's actually very helpful to know, thank you for the feedback! I'll do a lil teaser now and say we are planning on revealing some more world lore soon so hopefully you enjoy it

@maxisconfused: noted! I'll keep that in mind c;

Creative director — he/him Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/14 17:34:09 )
okay another important question to ask:

do you guys actually read the story posts included with event threads? be honest, it's okay
if not, why? and what would you find to be a more engaging way to explore voltra lore?
that isn't video games sorry we can't do that for you guys atm

I wanna be able to make sure you guys are like, actually enjoying it hahaaa

Donator — She/her Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/14 19:48:43 )

I would say that 90% of the time I do read the stories that are included. When the event first starts I try to collect as much info about the new event as I can and sometimes I skip over the story. I do go back and read them because I do like the NPCs.
Obvs when you guys were doing the video games it was really awesome and I don't think anyone skipped over the dialogue. Do you think that you could add those old games to the fairgrounds and just say that these were apart of past events and not for earning currency or items?


Voltie Posted 6 months ago ( 2022/06/14 21:22:49 )
@ghost: You asked, so here's my honest opinion/reaction/thoughts (don't ban me for what is probably an unpopular opinion/experience)......... Although I fully understand the need to have NPCs and at least a basic storyline to explain the theme of an event, personally, I don't read the stories you guys put up for events (and I don't want to), and I don't tend to interact with or care about the NPCs unless absolutely necessary. Obviously, you guys have put a lot of effort in to creating these characters, their back stories, and interactions, etc., and I can truly appreciate that... but interacting with the NPCs just isn't my thing, tbh. I would rather talk with actual people... so, to me, whatever NPCs you guys use for an event doesn't matter... for me, they're interchangeable "generic NPC", and just a source of information on what I need for the event or activities or to understand the theme. /shrug/

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Creative director — he/him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/11/16 01:49:28 )
alright thanks for the feedback everyone it's been noted I forgot to say kffjhfk

new question though, less about lore and more about participation. what actually interests you guys in activities? what do you want to see, what makes you actually want to get involved? and if nothing we're doing interests you, what would? thank you!

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Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/11/16 15:36:54 )

For me it's just time and mental energy. I love the events on Voltra. And the last event was the first one that I never did the activities. And it had nothing to do with how you guys run the events. It had everything to do with me and where I was at in my life.

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Voltie — she/they/h Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/11/17 05:45:02 )

i'd like to know more of/see more of Io


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