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Artist — Lion Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 06:53:45 )

At times, my anxiety can be so unbearable. I can’t take it. Getting overstimulated by literally nothing it feels like. Having this heavy weight on my chest.

I wish I could figure out how this whole meditation thing works but my thoughts are always so rampant and negative, it’s hard to. It’s hard to even be alone.

Right now, honestly, I just want to cry.

Donator — PomePome Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 10:15:05 )
@KDA Drew: daww I know this feelings to well. I got panic attacks back than like 50 times a day. the only thing that was helping me were medication. I always would recoment therapy!
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Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 13:28:18 )
    I’ve been there. I know how bad it feels, but you have to tell yourself it’s only temporary. It WILL pass. Take your meds and work out which ones are good for you, and hopefully you’re seeing a therapist? It’s a tough journey but it does have an end :)


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Donator — She/Her Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 15:46:37 )
Maybe try not to focus on meditation in the traditional sense. I would start with some easy breathing exercises. That helped me when I was going through a stage when I felt panic attacks coming on. It forced me to focus on my breathing by counting the seconds I took to breathe in and out. If I focused on the count, it didn't give me time to focus on whatever was bothering me. What else helps you relax? Something that grabs your attention would help. I find certain crafts to be therapeutic, but also sometimes cleaning certain things? Things that give you a sense of purpose should help, even if you might not necessarily enjoy them. Doing chores, for example. And then when you're ready, think about the things that give you anxiety and how you can address them in a realistic way. And if you need ideas for how to address them, we're here for you. <3
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Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 17:16:14 )
I'm right there with you! I hate it when the anxiety takes over your life... I do mindfulness but lately it hasn't been working for me either. Try listening to some of your fav music... I find that helps me abit when my mind just won't shut up.

Voltie — they/he Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 21:05:48 )
i think that everyone has different things that help them in that situation, and sometimes that even changes with time- things that used to help me would no longer work, and sometimes i stumble onto something that helps.

last time i found myself in a high anxiety/panicky kind of situation i started googling for solutions, things to try, anything. because its hard to remember things in the moment it never comes to me on my own. well i got so wrapped up in the process of researching that it kind of took me out of it funnily enough.

ive heard things like going for a run helps to get the "fight or flight" feeling out, or holding an ice cube in your mouth can create a distracting sensation. so those might be worth a try.

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