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Forums Bug Reports cant find regency shawl in dressing room after purchase?

Voltie — they/he Posted 1 month ago ( 2022/08/30 06:13:42 )
maybe im just tired but i swear ive tabbed through every category looking for it and it's not there outside of the inventory's "all items" tab. double checked and the shop does say i have purchased it. the one i bought was grape color just in case its not every version of the item doing this.

Artist — she/they Posted 1 month ago ( 2022/08/30 06:35:46 )
    @Stinky: It does look like the color was missed when tabbing items, but it should be fixed now. The item should be found under "Tops" and the "shawls" tab.

    Let me know if it's still not appearing though!

Voltie — they/he Posted 1 month ago ( 2022/08/30 20:25:07 )
@kiwi: there it is! thank u :)

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