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Donator — She/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/21 04:53:50 )

@Wildfire: yes true but I do feel like I’m intruding a bit. Coming over after I haven’t seen them since pre-pandemic and then I’m sick and in bed for two days. Fever broke and I was able to eat a bit today. Don’t think I could face the Florida sunshine yet lol. Hot + having a cold is not a good combo.

@Fizzgig: thanks so much. I really should. The fever broke so that’s good but I am still coughing up green. It’s the worst. I did have the energy to eat today and walk around a little bit. Not enough to leave the house yet.

@Qiqi Agatha: thank you. I will. Please read the replies above to see my updates on how I’m doing.

@CooperationIsKey: thanks. At this point I hope to at least be well enough to get back on the plane on Saturday.


Voltie — They/He Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/21 09:26:59 )

even if you are out-of-state, maybe you could do a telehealth for the sake of getting instructions or a perscription? I'm unsure. Perhaps an Urgent Care, if they have one near you.

If you/your aunt happen to have antibiotics, that could also help (does not matter whether it is over-the-counter or an unfinished perscription; my dad has given me unfinished perscriptions of general antibiotics for similar things)

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Donator — Med Biller Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/21 20:54:07 )
, @Totalanimefan: and your welcome. Continue to recover.
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/21 21:21:50 )
@Totalanimefan: Aaaaah... the heat will just sear the cold right out of you! XD ...besides, it has been downright cool the last few days! :3


Donator — She/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/22 21:33:02 )

@MaxIsConfused: luckily I don’t seem to need an urgent care. I’m still sick but I’m recovering a little bit each day. I’m tired of coughing and being tired though lol.

@Qiqi Agatha: thanks! I have been because of your well wishes.

@Wildfire: lol yes and fry my brain too. Yeah I’ve seen hotter Septembers before. Although tomorrow it will be 91 here.


Donator — They/Them Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/09/23 01:49:04 )
I hope your recovery is exponential so your not miserable on your way home ;;; A ;

Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/23 12:13:58 )
@Totalanimefan: lol. yeah...
90ish degrees F or not, it's still a relatively cool September here overall...


Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/24 05:52:34 )

@neon: thanks. Flight is tomorrow. Still sick but I think I can handle it.
@Wildfire: that’s good to hear. Wasn’t around for the cool part. It was 92 here and I went to the botanical gardens lol. Very hot haha


Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/24 13:12:17 )
Yeah, we had a couple of days in the 80s and low humidity! XD

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Moderator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/24 22:07:03 )

@Totalanimefan: Yes it was my eye and it's better now.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/25 03:56:32 )

@Wildfire: wow I can’t believe it lol
@vengeance: that’s good. Today I have blocked ears. It really hurts


Moderator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/25 18:53:24 )

@Totalanimefan: O no that really sucks. My mom needs to go the the doc for that for one of her ears.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/09/26 00:02:11 )

@vengeance: yes it is. And I did make an appt. I’m going tomorrow.


Asst. admin — oink Posted 7 days ago ( 2022/09/26 23:12:25 )
Same ; u ;
Got a sore throat and massive headache today. I tried to WFH but it was hard to get things done.

Not covid though did the test.

How you feeling now?

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Donator — She/her Posted 5 days ago ( 2022/09/28 16:14:58 )

@Q t e a p o n: Weak. I'm on antibiotics atm. So I should feel better soon.

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