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Donator — Any Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/21 17:43:14 )


Tldr; I just need some product recommendations that work, and ways to treat my home. Also something to help the bites on me please it's driving me nuts.

I just moved into a new, small apartment. Unfortunately, it seems to have gifted me fleas as well. Most of it is carpet and I don't have a very reliable way of doing our laundry, since there's no hookup in our apartment. We have a laundromat in the complex though. I also don't have a vacuum, we're just starting out on our own and our income is pretty low (though we're planning on saving up for one.)
I have a topical treatment for my cat, but I also have a small dog. Both of them and me are itching like crazy. I've definitely noticed much more on my cat, she's got the worst of it.. but shes not the type to let me bathe her without a fight. Anyways, I bathed my dog with dawn dish soap and I didn't see any fall off into the water. I'm still planning on buying treatment for the dog as well, but I really would like some recommendations that work.
And should I wait to do the cat treatment until I buy the dogs? Or start it now? Our next check cycle is in two weeks, and we should be able to buy a vacuum and a few things. Do I wait until I have everything?
I would also like some tips on getting them out of the house as well, do I buy bedbug spray? How often do I vacuum? I've heard peppermint helps? Should I bag my clothes? I plan on washing and drying all of them at once as a big trip to the laundromat. Is there a good flea shampoo for my dog (maybe my cat)? Preventative measures would be appreciated too!
I really appreciate any help, apologies for asking so many questions. This is driving me insane and I feel so awful for my animals right now. Moving into a new home was so exciting until this.. :/ hoping someone here has any helpful insight


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Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/22 15:18:14 )

I'm sorry I don't know how to help. When my dog had fleas I couldn't get rid of them until I had moved. Maybe your landlord could get rid of the fleas?

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Voltie — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/25 06:46:02 )

Head In The Clouds~ (Ping Please!)

I suggest avoiding flea collars as they can cause seizures in pets and tend to be toxic. A topical prescription or oral prescription are better. And if you use the aerosol flea spray, make sure to let the area dry before allowing pets in that area as it can be toxic to pets/people until dry.
Use a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar/water to help get rid of them in the home (note this doesn't kill them, but repels them); add dawn to the spray bottle for kill power. You'll want the apple cider vinegar/dawn dish soap/water mix to look like Windex spray in color and can still smell the apple cider vinegar. (This kills bed bugs, lice, and ticks too btw.)
Small heads up, make sure to let it air dry before mopping with plain hot water on hard floors, so it'll kill what it can, the floor will be slick so be careful. And it can make carpets a bit stiff, but using a carpet cleaner with plain water after it dries can help with that. Peppermint oil can work, but it is VERY toxic to cats and dogs, so I don't suggest using it around animals or small children. (Same with tea tree oil, so I suggest avoiding the oils with pets all together)
Instead, I suggest using boric acid powder and letting it set before vacuuming/sweeping up after a few days, since it's safe to use around pets and people. And use food grade diatomaceous earth, it's safe to use around animals/people and can be lightly sprinkled in their bedding/living space/litter box. You'll want to vacuum/mop daily for a few days; if you get a bagless vacuum, I suggest adding the boric acid powder/food grade diatomaceous earth into the bin of the vacuum so any live fleas it sucks up will then die from exposure inside the vacuum bin. Steam clean if you can and wash bedding/laundry in hot water and whatever detergent you like. In fact, I suggest a steam cleaner rather than a vacuum because the heat kills them faster. And washing the pet's bedding often.
If you have a yard, mow and rake everything up. Fleas like shaded, warm, and humid areas. And use cedar chips in your garden, as this is a repellent. You can also use rosemary: take two cups of rosemary leaves and boil in water, let it cool and spray down areas your pets are in/the pets. Don't forget to flea comb your pets. If you go to use flea shampoo, make sure to talk to your vet to make sure you use the right one for your pet's weight. Using the vacuum space saver bags can work to help kill fleas as well, but it can take more than five days for fleas to suffocate; so if you bag something, let it set for a long as possible! And you can put the vacuum space saver bags in a sunny spot for at least five days or freeze it for five days; wash everything in hot water and soap and then dry on high heat.

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