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Forums Mini Shops [closed]

Voltie — he/him Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/22 22:01:35 )
can lock if you want

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/24 17:59:34 )
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Voltie — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/25 02:36:45 )

Head In The Clouds~ (Ping Please!)

@ghost: Here's a very quick
, hope your day gets better!-


Donator — They/Them Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/11/30 06:19:26 )

Hey! I would love to have a crack at, Dandelion,
Echo, and King! I can either do random types/poses/parts
or you can choose something specific from the commission
site page.
*****WARNING!! There is art in here meant for 18 and up!! I am
NOT responsible for a minors idiotic decision(s)!!*****
Site 18+ ONLY!!

Partial Wishlist
I will try to finish the list.

Voltie — he/him Posted 12 months ago ( 2022/12/12 00:24:45 )

@poetictorment: this is so cute thank you so much? :'c I really appreciate it so much it genuinely means so much to me

@goblin: of course you'd like her she's pink but WAH KJFHFJKFF you drew her so cute?? thank you so much

and thanks :c I do wanna talk to you all more Ive really missed you all, sorry ive been so hhhh IM GUNNA TRY HARDER, I love you guys

Voltie — he/him Posted 12 months ago ( 2022/12/12 00:28:48 )
@yukithepanda: oh that'd be great! you can surprise me with whatever style you want for them and I'll pay handsomely

are there any items on that list you want more than the rest? I can pay whatever you'd like since I have them all and I'm willing to pay handsomely, so don't limit your value on it

Voltie — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/01/2 03:57:49 )

Head In The Clouds~ (Ping Please!)

@ghost: Not a problem! Hope this have been better for you. :)

Please ping!! I'm a busy mom and tend to get lost~

^^Page prizes = FREE Sketch!!
It's only forever~ It's not long at all...

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