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Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 00:04:47 )

I'm around tonight if you are. I haven't spend a day or an evening on Voltra in a while. It's been a crazy summer. How are you all doing? Want to also spend time here with me? Also what if they start the event soon?!


Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 02:29:23 )

Watched more of the live action one piece. It’s pretty good. I had some things to say about the changes to Usopp and Sanji’s arcs but they weren’t bad.

However they nailed it with Arlong Park. It’s very true to the original and it’s well made. I cried at the same two points I always cry at in that arc.


Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 03:28:02 )
Good evening. How has your day been?

My day was pretty good. It was my weekend off this weekend. Work was so long this week it felt like. Slept in this morning which was so nice. Had a somewhat productive day today. Though i didnt get everything done that I wanted to today it was still a decent day

Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 04:34:06 )

@Kay: sorry I was watching the last ep of One Piece live action lol.
Day was good. It was relaxing which is just what I needed. I’ve been pretty stressed lately.

That’s nice! I’m glad you could enjoy it. What does Sunday bring for you?

And speaking of productive, I did go to the farmers market, then the store, made homemade pasta tonight, did the dishes and the laundry. :)


Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 13:57:05 )
I dont have much of a plan today really. Just some cleaning around the house mostly, some laundry. And maybe repotting a few house plants.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 14:50:16 )

@Kay: sounds nice. I think I’ll clean and check out a farmers market I’ve never been to

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Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/09/17 15:02:40 )
I always enjoy fiddling around with my houseplants. Just mixed up a bucket of soil mix and potted up some of the newest houseplants. Going to work on finishing putting together a plant shelf I bought last year. Im wanting to get all the houseplants settled into one room for the winter. My plan is to have a small humidifier going for them and maybe a plant grow light or two.

Voltie — Mee mee kawaii Posted 7 days ago ( 2023/09/18 05:07:38 )
I've been remotivated to learn Japanese again...

Mostly sparked from all the Asian hate nonsense the last few years. I saw an interesting tip of watching baby/toddler educational shows, to help get you started. I am a little, so this tip might help me a lot actually.

I guess I fell out of the desire due to depression and appropriation. A fear of a lack of cultural understanding. Some language learners only want Anime. I'm not really interested in anime by itself, but the modern mix of an ancient culture. The push in modern Japan to be free to be an individual. I study free will as part of my own religious beliefs. So any culture that pushes limits is good.

Pffffffffft, there's kids these days that think it's okay to take an Asian person's picture to go get plastic surgery...thus stealing someone's face. And that to me, is just fucked right up.

I hate the RCTA community something terrible because of this.They're a bunch racist kids trying to fit in somewhere and don't realize that being Asian has it downfalls just like any other race/country/culture does.

I don't want to be clumped into this group... although I identfy as Transracial. I want to keep my own face, just...halfish my eyes a bit, to feel more like myself.

I can't seem to find sane people talking about this stuff tho. Ollie London... is NOT sane, ok??? I feel soooo bad for that BTS guy, omfg. T______T;;;;;;


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