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Admin — oink Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/12/27 19:31:01 )
@Bioshock: I hope it will be! If it inspires more users to give it a shot would be really cool!

Ahaha I was the same! Clipping mask is amazing for so many things. * V *

I'm glad you watched it! Wasn't sure if anyone will since it's not a speedpaint and it takes awhile to watch ;;;; But I was trying to be as informative as possible through out the process.

Voltie — they/he Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/12/27 22:27:34 )
@Q t e a p o n: the video gives the option to play at 2x speed so people can make it a speedpaint if they want to! but theyll miss the commentary on why ur doing this and that

Artist — Lion Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/12/27 23:02:35 )
@Q t e a p o n:

So say, metaphorically, if I was an artist for Voltra... (Not saying I qualify more or any less than anyone else if Voltra was considering), would there be the possibility that I could create like a monthly/weekly orb all my own I could set up a theme of items for and color schemes for? (From the Gaia world, my avatars always stayed more around the Anubis color scheme for instance (Jayblue/offblack/antique gold)). Cause’ if I was an artist I’d love to consecutively put out items in color schemes (using Voltras selection of colors of course) that made a cohesive Orb theme! (:

Admin — oink Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/12/28 17:42:27 )
@Bioshock: I didn't know you could do that! XD Well at least I know now if they wanted speedpaint they can do it! hahah

@KDA Drew: These are the type of sets we create:

Crate Sets and Rare set (consist of 5-6 poses)
-monthly thank you items that change every month, rare changes ever 2 months
-an artist can sign up for one or all, there are no limitations to the themes they do, contains 3 recolors

Premium Plasma Orbs
-RIG items that change every 3 months and contain multiple sets.
-The themes are decided by staff and voted on, artist is required to create items on theme

All in all we do not restrict artists when they sign up for sets that don't have themes. Generally speaking though you'd want a variety of themes if you are doing all 3 as you are catering to a large crowd of users. Things to consider are the gender inclination of the items, if poses are too restraining and if you have poses that keep repeating. (For example all 3 sets have a dress would cater to one crowd and is too repetitive in a bundle of 3 sets) Also have to keep in mind the items that already exist on the site because you don't want to create something too similar to what already exists.

In terms of your question with color, there is nothing stopping you from sticking to a color scheme with the sets that you create as there are 3 recolors in total. So you would have 2 other options to give users something different with each set you make.


Artist — Lion Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/4 04:05:51 )
Are transparent items ok as well? Say like a transparent visor or rain coat?

Admin — oink Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/4 05:01:26 )

@KDA Drew: yes transparent items are allowed!

Artist — Lion Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/4 06:22:17 )
@Q t e a p o n:

Hope you are doing good this evening!

Admin — oink Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/4 21:53:05 )

@KDA Drew: I had to call it in early last night, was working today. Nothing like making your way to work at 7am on a Saturday in a snow storm. 👌🏻

Artist — Lion Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/5 04:55:25 )
@Q t e a p o n:

Yuck snow days. Thankfully I don't see in bad weather on the radar where I live.
Question, how do you apply a Gradient Map to a single layer? I'm trying to create an arm mod but when I add a gradient map, it applies to all the layers in the image :/

Also, how should I go about editing the avatar base to add an arm or leg mod?

Artist — Lil' Birb Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/5 19:16:59 )
@Kda drew:

You gotta clip the gradient map to the layer you want to colour like this! :)

Here are where are bases are cut, so we just work around that for mods

Art by Uncledaddy!

Artist — Lion Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/5 19:27:01 )
Oh nice! Thank you! (:

Admin — oink Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/6 13:43:55 )

@Frossy: Thanks for answering that in my absence!

Donator Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/6 19:49:01 )

@Q t e a p o n:

Is there a way to have access to the gradients used for the items to test how any items we might try to create would look with the current site palettes?


Admin — oink Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/8 23:25:08 )

@Fizzgig: Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been dead these last two days. I’ll send you a link after work!

Admin — oink Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/11 20:45:52 )

@Fizzgig: Sorry about that, I've been a mess this week so much is happening.

Please find link to gradients over here!

Donator Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/01/15 08:37:49 )

It's ok, I understand how busy life/work gets! Thank you for finding the time to get back to me, I really appreciate it.


Admin — oink Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/02/17 07:19:28 )

Finally made this thread into a proper guide. Gonna work on adding some new content.

Artist — Lion Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/02/17 18:14:41 )
@Q t e a p o n:

Love the update! Looks very well put together! (:
Might I recommend adding tutorial on how to do effects, such as water, glowing borders, lace, carpet, fire, and foliage? (:
Anyways, hope you are having a good day!

Admin — oink Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/02/17 18:23:57 )

@KDA Drew: Thanks!
Some of those can get pretty stylistic but I can give it a shot if it'll help someone. O v O

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Artist — Lion Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/02/17 20:12:53 )
@Q t e a p o n:
I would definitely not complain!
I figured for the most part it’d get stylistic but there is the general Voltra look that I believe is still sort of “hey this is what is required”. I’d do fire but then my “fire” might look more like something off a completely different website and I just don’t wanna make any mistakes for you guys! 😅

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