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Question: Should we continue allowing "How much -blank- currency do you have?" Thread?

  • Yes: 56 / 96 58%
    58% Votes
  • No: 40 / 96 41%
    41% Votes
Artist — Princess Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/20 11:24:26 )

I think it was too easy to reach the jigsaw cap this time around. Maybe increase that cap to remove the need for the "how many" thread? I did find it more enjoyable to do than post and far more time efficient. Not completely sure about this but the how many thread also gave volts whereas the puzzles only gave currency. So might wanna add some small volt rewards in as well for the jigsaw? Just a thought.


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Voltie — Sha/female Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/20 15:57:21 )

I have personally never liked the how many currency thread because it is something that belongs in the game forums and doesn't feel like it belongs in an event thread. Also because it's so easy to spam post in it people don't chat in other threads and you see threads with post goals not reaching their goals but the spam thread souring well past it and beyond.

Every once in awhile when things were slow I'd type out one hundred and two or whatever I was at into the thread. But after a couple posts if get bored with it and leave the thread again. I tried to instigate conversation as well. But the thread just isn't for me. I'm on forum sites to have socialization :/

But I get that many others love it. So as much as it isn't for me, I get why it's there. And I'm not going to fault them for enjoying something that I don't. I assume it will stay, I just will continue to not post in it.

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Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/20 22:13:28 )

Like Sha mentioned, it was suuuuper frustrating to see the counting thread fly through all the pages every day, meanwhile we were lucky to even accomplish one goal a day in the the community goals thread. T^T It’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t mind doing away with the thread if it does come to that.
Also, I wish there was something more engaging to get people to post in threads like the evolving/goals thread. Maybe people just weren’t aware of the thread’s existence?

And thanks Lily for clarifying about why the mods weren’t stopping the spamming. I wasn’t sure if they weren’t aware of it happening since the site is so huge. Thanks for being lenient on the peeps posting there and giving us a chance to have a discussion before changing/banning something as big as the counting thread.


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Donator — He Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/21 05:51:16 )

ahh i already give my input in the anonymous response xD
for me, i think there's no problem with the thread tbh
more event currency given = more event items in circulation = cheaper event items
which is good, because its easy to get for newbie who doesnt participate in the said event

i know that we have another source of event currency which is Jigsaw
but remember, some people go to voltra on their mobile phone
and jigsaw kinda hard to do in mobile phones, like its hard to do just the easiest one there
so until there is a mobile friendly way to get event currency, the existence of jigsaw isnt a valid reason for me xD

Spam reason also isnt really that valid tbh, as long as the posts are following the forum rules..
and people really post their current amount of event currency, i dont think its a spam in the first place?
i do agree the copy pasting is kinda not okay tho.. i think that is the one that could be considered a spam

Some suggestion:
- No Copy Pasting ( to remove the spam )
- Exact Number Only post ( to give limited amount of volts if thats what you guys are worry about )
so instead of "I currently have 1463 Candy Canes" or "One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Three Candy Canes" or "I Have around 1k Candy Canes"
people are only allowed to post "1463"


Voltie — She Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/21 09:56:16 )
I have mixed feelings. I voted yes, but I understand why ppl say no. It's like spam, which is againt the rules outside of certain forums. So, why not just put rules in place or tweak it so that it's not straight up spam? IDK, like maybe only one thread can exist, and there must be at least 2 users in between your old and new posts.
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Donator — Babygirl Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/21 23:34:52 )

》::: ✿・`.*
I'm really anxious and the puzzles give me headaches tbh so having these kind of threads is a huge help to those of us who want to enjoy the items and pretty art without interacting too much >~<;;. I get that it's supposed to be an interactive website but lurkers have just kinda become a thing, and I feel like we shouldn't deserve less just bc we aren't directly socializing?
Maybe some different games would be cool, like matching cards or word games, maybe something like where they have types of games suited for different minds? ♡ I feel it should be there unless other games are added.

As many have suggested, we should have one thread with no copy paste rules imo. An official sticky thread.
Enforcing interaction is awesome but at the end of the day people are all different and have lives--some people can't sit and do a jigsaw puzzle all day lol. No double posting sounds pretty good too.
I really didn't think anyone would have real concern about a thread with numbers in it but hey anything to try and stir the pot huh
*.`・✿ ::: 《


Artist — #1 Elf Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/01/22 13:24:26 )

I've been seeing a lot of arguments as to why we should keep the currency thread, but not so many that are opposed to it. I for one, really dislike the thread. Sure, I've used it before, but I didn't enjoy myself posting in there. The even threads are supposed to be fun, and that one is just bland.
I don't think the thread gives anything to the events. And I've seen other threads that are similar in posting style, but are more unique. Like during the summer even, there was a thread that was like "which item is the avatar above you". Threads like that still allow for users to post without having to converse with others.
If love to see more of those in upcoming events, and less of the boring spamming the stuff.


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Voltie Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/01/29 14:13:05 )

—I’m adding this to the time because my thank you for running the event and ghost for all of the hard work and should be resting right now! Should go up first after I wrote the text below >|||< shouldn’t have to read all of that first for a Thank you and warms wishes!!! —

As someone who used to post a lot and have a lot of conversations on forums sites but now I only post or have a few conversations as I get older or feeling ways I tend to go more toward “How many do you have?” Threads because it gives me a chance to post in the event and get me started on collecting the currencies. I never knew others just copy pasted their numbers or their amount. I always put in hello or I got this? Or at least waited until a new person posted to post mine with a different message.

I always thought the spam or posting three times in repeat still applied to that thread as well as well as it applied to the rest of the site. I think the thread should stay for those who have little time and/or are not good or do not want to keep a conversation. I love small talk about sometimes while trying to get currencies for an event and you don’t know a lot of people or people are talking it is hard to want to jump in.

The only time I’ve actually gotten a full set of items was when I did all three. Post on the How many do you thread, played jigsaw, and had a few conversations. I tried late in the Halloween event I think but having these options I had a chance to get a full set and one more to give away. I think it should get a mod on its own during event where it could be a volunteer user keeping the thread in check/or multiple seeing how fast the thread can get? Seeing as the thread seems to be getting spammed a lot with copy paste posts?

That is my two cents.

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