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hi my name is erika (wrik is a typo of erika that stuck)
i like fire emblem and touken ranbu

i have a cat named hamburger that i would kill for


  • pachi pachi (2 months ago)

    H A P P Y

    B I R T H

  • optimus prime optimus prime (6 months ago)

    i've never met hamburger but tell them that i would kill and die for them too

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (7 months ago)

    I like FE. I’m playing it right now!

  • mdom mdom (7 months ago)


  • mizuie mizuie (7 months ago)

    One of these days you'll get to go ouo

  • mizuie mizuie (7 months ago)

    I plan on getting merch there & annoying everyone with telling them this is a damn good cup of coffee & make a phone call saying that their cherry pie will kill ya


fire emblem, lucina, maeda, cats


video games