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  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    ahh i can imagine it being super stressful :( hope you at least get good monies from it

  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    oh no what happened? xD and im starting a new job next monday so that will be interesting, no more freedom LOL

  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    ohh thats not a dumb idea, might check it out sometime, haha. I remember it was really cute. Hows work going?

  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    omg i forgot about kofk, theyre still around?? wow thats pretty amazing hahah im so sad i dont remember my log in 8( i even made a custom knuffel at some point. But ye i get the burnt out feeling :(

  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    i getchu, i miss the times where there were lots of sites, which i guess there still are but i just dont have time anymore xD nice to see you here though! other than that im good, just living life :)

  • Bean Bean (3 years ago)

    sassyyyyy whatsup man