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KDA Drew Him

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Hello, I joined Voltra after leaving Gaia Online, as it is in a state of crash-and-burn. So now I'm here to chat with people and possibly expand my abilities in art. I'm a freelance pixel artist who's just trying to enjoy life!

A few places you can see my art:


  • sunny sunny (11 hours ago)

    Oh thank you very much!

  • sunny sunny (1 day ago)

    Hi, can I ask what is that gorgeous hair that your avatar is wearing?

  • x x (3 days ago)

    O: Thank you!!! Your avi is very cutieee.
    Nice art as well! :D

  • Frossy Frossy (3 weeks ago)

    Added you back! :D

  • Frossy Frossy (3 weeks ago)

    Haha! I have everything muted except for private messages and direct pings XD

  • Frossy Frossy (3 weeks ago)

    Ahh cool haha! I'm not very good at traditional pixel art...I'm too impatient for it lol! If you need any help though you can add me on discord if you have it! :D


The color Yellow, Cats, Magical Girls, James & The Giant Peach, Pixels


Dogs, Horror, Stains on brightly colored clothes


Pixel Art, League of Legends, Shopping for Clothes