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- away for a bit -

hangout !

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background by RowanGoat on tumblr ★


  • Kira Kira (2 weeks ago)

    That avatar is dank. ♥

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday! I hope I got the day right. xD Enjoy celebrating all weekend~

  • Shark Shark (3 months ago)

    boop owo

  • Shark Shark (3 months ago)

    idk no one is really talking there and I don't want to win anything

  • Shark Shark (3 months ago)

    hallo! :3 how's it going?

  • Hazer Hazer (3 months ago)

    Haha, thank you!
    For a moment I forgot I had them since I turned profile CSS off. XD


bonfires, all of the animals, plants


drawing, laying around


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