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Q t e a p o n oink

Q t e a p o n's Avatar



Q t e a p o n // pompon-chan // hippopon
Status // Taken
Pets // Puffy Petunia the Cat
I draw // I like to draw // I always draw

Bg credit: Hazer


  • mizuie mizuie (2 weeks ago)

    love the avi yoooo ♡

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (3 weeks ago)

    Whaaa, I really like that pose from Aquarius! I tried to use it with my avi, but it looked too cluttered. T__T I’ll use it one day.

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (3 weeks ago)

    Thank yooou~ ^^ I wanted to showcase all the lovely new items we’ve been getting.
    Btw, I love your use of Aquarius and high tide! O:

  • User User (3 weeks ago)

    pomf babe its good to see you too :') life is wild girl I've been working hard, am currently in a programming bootcamp which is taking up my entire life but its soOOO much fun, how bout ya self?

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (4 weeks ago)

    If Tumblr had the b@lls to NOT sell-out to Verizon, Comcast or AT&T you mean.
    May Pillowfort not go corporate on us.

  • LupaPrinceRomulus LupaPrinceRomulus (4 weeks ago)

    Did you hear of Pillowfort, yet?
    Some of us may have some ideas on what to do when their next update happens.