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Forums Testing, 1, 2, 3 Some testing things

Donator — R.T.L Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/04/16 02:22:21 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

I'm only testing things such as font size, colour and stuff.

Testing one, two

Donator — R.T.L Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/04/16 02:23:17 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

Does this font size and colour works? I hope so.

Donator — R.T.L Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/04/16 02:25:52 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

Testing one, two, three again.

Bass, bass, kick, kick, bass, kick, kick ♫

Testing again and again~

Donator — R.T.L Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/04/16 02:27:47 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

Testing again but this time. The paragraphs. Heya heya! Oh, it works! Yay!

Donator — R.T.L Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/04/16 02:29:11 )
♪ (/・。・)/ Sweet dreams.

Last test, testing on the center paragraph again. Check one, two.

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 03:43:34 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

Came back just to test the paragraph as usual. I wonder how many words can I cram into? Who knows for sure!

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 03:52:08 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

*doorbell noise*
Welcome to The Macaron Art Shop! Before you ask, this is a temporary art shop as I haven't decided whether should I make it permanent or not. Granted, it's nothing really fancy since I don't bother to make a logo or something as I wanted to keep it pretty simple. And the reason why I made this is because I sorta wanted to try it out first, forgive me if it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing.

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 05:09:02 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

Like most artists, they do have their own preferences on what they will or will not draw. So I'm going to list out my preferences here below.

I will draw
✔ Original Characters
✔ Avatars (Can be from this site or other sites like Gaia)
✔ Simple backgrounds
✔ Simple designs
✔ Couples (I'll try my best)
✔ Furries/Anthro (Same reason as the couples part)
✔ Robots or Mecha with simple design
✔ Image references

I will not draw
✘ Cluttered avatars
✘ Overly detailed designs
✘ Complicated backgrounds and poses
✘ Hate art of any kind
✘ More than two characters (Sorry)
✘ NSFW (I don't mind drawing it but I'm aware that it's not allowed on this site so it must be at least PG-13 or below, same goes for nudity unless it's meant to be artistic without showing the private parts)
✘ Written references
✘ Fanart (Nothing's wrong with that, just... Well I dunno how to explain this )

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 05:18:59 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

Terms and Conditions
- I can only take 3 slots.
- Please do be patient as I take time on drawing so don't expect me to be the fastest thing alive. It may take more than a day or weeks or even a month and I would be appreciated if you don't intend to rush me.
- You can send me a DM to ask about the WIP progress if you like.
- Image references are a must as I don't take written references. I also don't accept broken image file (link? I dunno.) either.
- Feel free to ask anything if you have any question. ^^

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 05:24:28 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

I accept volts and ohms as I'm not sure about pricing my own art yet (probably around 3k or so? Who knows.). So it's PWYW for now. As for the items, I'm not interested sorry


Order Form
(Image) Reference:
Headshot/Bust, Half body or Full body?:
Any request?:

Slots (a.k.a Waiting List)

Finished~! (^ w ^ )

Donator — R.T.L Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/05/24 06:17:46 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****


Donator — R.T.L Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/06/8 08:05:25 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

WARNING!! A Huge Battleship Chiffon's Quest Is Approaching Fast!

Hello everyone, welcome to my quest and you can safely ignore the "false warning" sign if you want. I know I'm not good at introductions but this is basically a list of items (to keep in track of) that I wanted and is it too late to start a quest? I may also update it if there are any items that caught my attention. I will also do an art sketch trade if you wish to.

I usually prefer video game, urban, sometimes sci-fi and fantasy and mystery themes. Although that's not the case since my interest tends to change from time to time.

Donator — R.T.L Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/06/8 09:17:54 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

Here are the items I listed out (and well as organized so you won't get lost and sorry if it's too long ) below:

What I really want:

Magnificent Inspector x 1

Valorous Knight x 1

250k Milestone (City Scape) x 1

Harlequin x 2

Strawberry Delight x 1

Librarian x 2

Unique Baroque Skirt x 1

Violet's Curls x 1

Gummy Bear x 1

Wouldn't mind nice things to have:

Panthalassa x 1

Kickflip x 2

Berry Citrus x 2

Breezy x 1

Hopper x 1

Showstopper x 1

Too Hot x 1

Sticky Fingers x 1

Not very urgent but would like to have:

Lethal Dose x1

Speedster x1

Virgo x1

Year of the Pig x1

Vibrance Day Tea x1

Donator — R.T.L Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/06/8 09:24:08 )
**** (> ^ w ^ <) ****

A big thank you to:

None at the moment
My Art DumpMy Quest

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