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City Hall

News & Updates
Topics: 277 Posts: 6,480

Stay up to date with what's next from the Voltra Online staff team!

Help & Support
Topics: 287 Posts: 2,403

Get answers and help for all your Voltra questions!

Bug Reports
Topics: 301 Posts: 2,254

Did the fuse blow again!?
Let us know so we can fix that!

Topics: 419 Posts: 3,589

Let us know how we can make Voltra more comfortable, inviting, and entertaining for you and the community!


Welcome Committee
Topics: 1,060 Posts: 25,170

Introduce yourself and make friends!

General Chit-Chat
Topics: 4,365 Posts: 99,644

Doesn't fit anywhere else? This is the place for it!

Topics: 286 Posts: 188,944

Create your own place for you and your groupies to chat!

Voltra Discussion
Topics: 551 Posts: 16,255

Let's just talk about how great we are all day!

The Undercurrent
Topics: 406 Posts: 784,760

Where most of the rules get swept away by RIPtide. A random, fun, and fast-paced environment to chat!


The Arcade
Topics: 145 Posts: 91,631

Forums quiet? Bored? Play some mini-games created by your fellow volties!

Role Playing
Topics: 405 Posts: 59,919

Share your adventure and excitement with friends and fellow volties here!

Artist Galleries
Topics: 327 Posts: 13,812

Let your creativity run wild and share your work!

Market Square

Topics: 248 Posts: 21,489

Organize your quest for items to create your dream avi!

Topics: 53 Posts: 48,274

Feeling generous? Help others with their quests and more!

Topics: 1,083 Posts: 112,230

Let’s talk business. Trade, sell, purchase, and auction your goods here!

Mini Shops
Topics: 394 Posts: 36,031

Turn your talent into volts, ohms, items, and more!


Serious Talk
Topics: 639 Posts: 9,315

This forum is for serious discussion only. Please be considerate. No trolling or spamming.

Topics: 347 Posts: 9,926

Saw a new flick? Did that last episode of that one show you like make you cry? Excited for the premiere of that one thing? Tell everyone about it!

Topics: 104 Posts: 1,521

Purple Prose, Radical Reviews, and Fantastical Fanfiction--let's talk Words, Words, Words!

Topics: 394 Posts: 7,929

Which games are you playing right now? Want to find more gaming friends? Discuss anything game-related here.


Archived Events
Topics: 53 Posts: 104,249

Archived Past Events

Testing, 1, 2, 3
Topics: 188 Posts: 2,521

Test forum


7 days ago:
Quick Update: Crates, Orbs, Events

1 month ago:
The Surge: November Crates!

1 month ago:
Lightning Surge: November Crates & Bundles Available

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