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Frequently Asked Questions

Each $1 spent is equal to 100 Ohms.
Standard monthly crates are 250 Ohms, which is equivalent to $2.50 in USD. See A Guide To Voltra Crates
Yes! All set items can equip up to 2 poses at a time. Ideally, this means that for monthly donation sets, you should be able to equip all poses if you own 3 copies of the item. See A Guide To Voltra Crates
Every time you open a monthly donation crate, you have a 15% chance of pulling the current Rare item in addition to the item you actually select when you open the create. If you open 9 without pulling a rare item, you are guaranteed that your next crate of that kind will pull the Rare for that set. Rares change every other month, giving you 2 months to try and get one before it is no longer freely available in crates. See A Guide To Voltra Crates
Volts are the standard currency of Voltra, currently earned from posting. You earn .5 volt per character typed in a post, with a cap of 50 per post. This may vary between forums, so check the forum stickies or each!
Ohms are the premium currency of Voltra, earned by donating money to the site to keep the project running! Ohms are used to purchase from Frizz and Static’s store, where crates are sold with special limited time items that change each month.
All individuals are allowed a maximum of 3 accounts, to be used for roleplaying, storage, and charity accounts as preferred. Users found in violation of this rule may have some or all of their accounts banned. In the event of shared IP connections, individuals may be asked to provide evidence that separate individuals are behind accounts that would break this limit. A conversation occurring primarily between two accounts which belong to the same person constitutes spam.

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