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Forums Mini Shops Feeling Blue (=´ᆺ`=) [Art Contest] 1st Place: $30!!

Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:15:08 )


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:20:53 )
Feeling kinda stressed and strained because of the pandemic and all this social distancing..
My husband is deployed far from where I am and I'm living alone with my 2 y.o. son and a cat. I know no one here.
I had plans to visit my family in Indianapolis in May but I'm not sure it will even happen.

I'm turning thirty years old on May 16th along with my twin, Kent.
We had planned to go to a con in Toronto together in June and just take in the sights and hang out with friends who lived there.
Now that con is cancelled because of what's going on and we're probably not going to go at all at this point.
I'm very disappointed.
But I guess there's always next year...

Thought I might as well hold an art contest to cheer myself up a bit.


-Draw Indigo however you would like (chibi, sketch, pixel, traditional or digital)
-You may enter however many times you like
-Bonus points if you include Illian

End Date: May 31st

Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:30:40 )
Your Subject


(click image for a gallery)

He’s a blue and white patterned plush cat~
Happy go lucky, cheerful, always positive.
Loves all his friends and loves making new friends.
Enjoys nature, reading and being with his friends/family.
Wants to create a home full of books.

Some Friends/Family:


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:43:27 )
Entry Form

[size=20][color=cornflowerblue]Everything will be okay! I am here![/color][/size]
Entry: (link or image)

First 10 Entries get 100 ohms each. Any entries after get 50 ohms.


Everything will be okay! I am here!
Username: dragoness129
Entry: Here are the Colored and BW versions


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:49:35 )

1st Place: $30 or 3000 ohms & 3 items from prize pool
2nd Place: $10 or 1000 ohms & 2 items from prize pool
3rd Place: $5 or 500 ohms & 1 item from prize pool

Prize Pool

Look up items in the Item Museum if you don’t know what they look like!

Misc Items
1.5M Milestone (Impish Delight), 100K Milestone (USB Hoodie), 1M Milestone (Voltra Royalty), 750K Milestone (Dream Keeper), Alpha 10k Milestone (poop!), Alpha 5K Milestone (boob or dood!?), Frost Breath, Frosted Edges, Key to the City, NPC Plushie, Pumpkin Bucket, Snowfall, Vibrant Floral Crown, Vibrant Teacup, Friendly Ghost (Marshmallow), Friendly Ghost (Mint)

Event Items
Beach Babe, Candy Cane Staff, Guardian Spark, Hear Bubble (V-day 2k18), Holiday Gifts, Holiday Lights, Holiday Mistletoe, Holiday Onesie, Holiday Voltra Globe, Jawbreaker, King Brothers, Ringmaster, Solstice Holiday Socks, Solstice Spirit, Soulmate Strings (V-day 2k18), Thirteen, Valentina’s Memories, Valentina’s Tool Belt, Valentina’s Work Gloves, Vanora’s Belt, Vanora’s Memories, Vanora’s Necklace, Vaughn’s Memories, Velvet’s Earrings, Velvet’s Memories, Velvet’s Necklace, Vichard’s Memories, Violet’s Memories, Virgil’s Memories, Viv’s Apron, Viv’s Flower, Vivienne’s Memories, Volkan’s Memories, Vontell’s Books, Vontell’s Memories, Vontell’s Watch, Vreg is King, Vregory’s Memories, Vyctor’s Belt, Vyctor’s Horns, Vyctor’s Memories, Wonderland

Aquarius, Bountiful Harvest, Dramatical, Festively Fab, High Tide

Autumnal Spruce, Frizz Set, Harlequin, Jolly Gifter, Joyful Winter, Magnificent Inspector, Nifty Nurse, Static Set


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:50:52 )
All open now!
Feel free to post.

Voltie — oink Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:56:11 )

Me: this looks familiar
Me: looks at gallery OH THATS WHY 😂

Donator — he/she Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/16 23:56:17 )
I love you! Sorry our plans were ruined! ; o; ♥️


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 00:10:17 )
@Q t e a p o n: lol Did you forget you drew him? x'D
Welcome any new art from you though~ * u*

@Kent: Aw, love you too, Kentu~ ; w;
Not like you're at fault anyhow..
Just wish it didn't turn out like this..

Donator — he/she Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 00:43:01 )
@Hadsvich: Yeah. The rest of 2020 has been ruined.. I wonder if any conventions will be attended the rest of this year..


Voltie — oink Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 00:51:56 )

@Hadsvich: yeah, honestly I forget a lot of art I’ve made until I see it 😂

If I have time I might draw something O u O

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Donator — She/her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 01:36:55 )

I read what was in your spoiler. I’m sorry you are going through all of that :(
There is a summer con I want to travel to but I probably won’t be able to. :(


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 02:37:44 )
@Kent: Yeah, curious to know if any cons will be happening the rest of this year..

@Q t e a p o n: lol I wonder if I've forgotten any things I've drawn. Only remember really drawing when I was in high school anyway.
& those were usually small things.
But I've never drawn as often as you have I'm sure..

@Totalanimefan: I've never even been to Toronto yet so I'm pretty sad about missing out this year.
My twin went without me sometime last year and visited our friends for one day
and I was determined to go with them this year and have a longer stay since I missed out at that time..
The con was really just a plus.

I'm sure this pandemic has ruined so many people's plans..

Donator — She/her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 02:43:27 )

@Hadsvich: Oh yeah, I go because I love DC, seeing my friends and family. The con is just a plus and a reason for us all to get together that weekend. I love Otakon and I have a ton of fun every year but it wouldn't be the same without the people I see.
I guess there is always next year. The city isn't going anywhere luckily!

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/17 02:51:06 )
Nice, nice. Never been.

At this point, I just really really want to visit my family in Indy..
I miss them and they'd all love to see my son.
I bought flight tickets for the 4th of May to bring myself, my son and my cat all along to Indy.
& I might still go just so long as the airport will allow me cuz I am just so lonely here in Texas..
Even though my parents probably would rather I didn't fly at this time..

Donator — he/she Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/18 01:05:00 )
I hope you make it here! I want to spend May and June with you! ; w;


Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/18 01:07:43 )
Me tooo! ; o;

Guess I should try to clean up and organize here before I leave so I come back to a nice/orderly home..
Wish the garage and outside storage room wasn't a mess..

Donator — he/she Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/18 01:15:14 )
I'm sorry. I wish you could hire someone to help you... orz


Donator — he/she Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/18 16:15:33 )
Sooo, wanna watch anime all day? :’D



Artist — He/Him Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/04/18 19:08:57 )
Oh? Maybe tomorrow? x'D
Or later today depending?
You definitely should have worked on yours books sometime yesterday. < o<
Do you think you can do a sketch for art contest entries today? > o>
Or maybe color more of the cat at least.

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