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Forums Help & Support Setting up Forum Post Format.

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/05/15 21:49:47 )

Your actual post is represented by the [post] code. Here's a working example of how post formatting works.

text before the post
text after the post

I see this, when making my custom post format. I have a pixel graphic image at the top, and another at the bottom. Ideally I want to have whatever I post inbetween. When I go to post my comment, the images on top and bottom show up, but my text ends up underneath instead of inbetween. What am I doing wrong? How do I set it up in the format window to get my text to show in the middle?

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/05/15 22:23:30 )

hmm is this what you're putting in the format window?

[img]put your top img url here[/img]
[img]put your bottom img url here[/img]


Donator — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/05/15 22:28:46 )

@Hachi: Is it normal to have [post] show up in brackets like that in the preview? When I put the graphic at the top and and [post] in the center, it shows the two graphics but the words [post] show up as just text. Is that how it's supposed to be?

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/05/15 22:30:18 )

@Crystalkitsune85: yep it looks like that in the preview. when you make a post, the "[post]" gets replaced by your actual message


Donator — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/05/15 22:32:14 )

@Hachi: ahhh okay. I thought it was an error or something with how I was posting it inside. Thanks for the help!

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