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Forums General Chit-Chat Sleep schedule? Never heard of it

Voltie — she/they Posted 1 week ago ( 2020/05/23 10:29:01 )
@LilMissKushy: My brother has been struggling with his schedule being messed up. He's ready to go back to his favorite restaurants lol

@Totalanimefan: It is. I wish I could vacuum in the middle of the night too. I don't think the nice old lady that lives upstairs would appreciate it XD
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A Big Ole Quest Thread

Donator — She/her Posted 1 week ago ( 2020/05/24 01:07:17 )

@Lilykin: I often want to vacuum when it’s too late to do it :(

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Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2020/05/24 04:01:45 )
Sleep is easy to regulate with copious amounts of coffee and obligations in life. However Memorial day weekend throws that to the wind!

Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2020/05/24 04:10:39 )

My sleep is all over the place and I notice very recently that I get irritate and rage easily when sleep deprive
So that's just a bundle of fun  ಢ‸ಢ 


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