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Forums Literature What is a book your favourite book/series you love to reread?

Artist Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 14:32:30 )
I don't have many friends IRL who read so I'd love to meet fellow book lovers and get discussing our personal favourites / recommend books to one another!

My favourites:

The Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight
Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames
The Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb
Temeraire series by Naomi Novik
Eragon series by Christopher Paolini

Bonus question:
What book are you currently reading?

(For me I'm currently reading Seraphina by Rachel Hartman and(finished Seraphina xD) The World Without Us by Alan Weisman)

Donator — PomePome Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 14:58:19 )
So my favorite series is the will Trent / sara linton series from karin slaughter :D

Artist Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 15:08:19 )
@Miss sandman:
Oooo! I've always wanted to get into reading crime books, do you read them a lot or is that just the one that got you?

Voltie — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 15:56:06 )
The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favourite series. I actually own the audio book I love it so much. I have a lot though, mostly fantasy with the exception of Mary Stewart who did mainly mystery/romance novels

I'm currently rereading The Protector of the Small Quarter by Tamora Pierce. Easily my favorite out of all her series

Donator — PomePome Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 17:02:36 )
@Keturah: i just read crime atm i need some nice Thrillers
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Donator — Whatever Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 17:24:40 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

All my books by Tamora Pierce and The Claidi Journals are the two I got to most
Currently reading The Works of Menicus, which is part of a larger book I got that has six in total

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Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/27 17:27:42 )

The book I can reread over and over is Cloud Atlas :) I just love it!


Artist Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/28 11:00:32 )
Oooo I need to finish those!
I wish I read the narnia books as a kid as they're very clearly written for child and are so short!!! I loved the movies growing up though.

@kitalpha hart:
Ooo a few people have mentioned Tamora Pierce, i've never heard of her! Are they books you read as a kid?

Oooo I watched the movie on that and was VERY confused until I worked out why some characters looked so weird
I can't imagine how much more complex the book must be!

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/28 16:20:14 )

@Keturah: the book is much better than the movie but yeah it's complicated lol xD


Voltie — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/28 17:40:20 )
@Keturah: I love the dedication at the beginning of TLWW

“My Dear Lucy,

I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still. But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. You can then take it down from some upper shelf, dust it, and tell me what you think of it. I shall probably be too deaf to hear, and too old to understand a word you say but I shall still be your affectionate Godfather,”

-C. S. Lewis

I think they are pretty timeless. The newest movies hold up pretty well and the BBC ones are still fairly charming. I really wish they would get the Tolkien treatment tho

Donator — Whatever Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/28 19:13:28 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

@Keturah: I didn't hear of her until 6th grade, and I started way out of order

Take your standard magic Europe fantasy
Make the primary protagonists girls
That's the Tortall universe, which is YA
She also has the Emelan universe, which is more geared to younger kids, but even that one isn't full of fluff
Tortall is the older of the two, starting with Alanna. Her quartet is followed by Daine's by several years, while Daine's quartet is almost immediately followed by Kel's. Then Aly gets a duo that's set shortly after Kel's quartet, and after those four girls/women, we start bouncing around in time. Back 200 years to Beka, currently a bit before Alanna's for Numair, who is the first male main protagonist we have, and his books are currently in the works, with only Tempests and Slaughter, the first book, out now
Connected is Spy's Guide, which acts as an in-character collection of letters, reports, and the like on how Tortall and lands of the modern time is like
Also Tortall and Other Lands, where we see some familiar characters return, and meet new ones in other lands

Emelan doesn't have any brand spanking new books out, but she has one or two in the works. This one follows four kids, three girls, one boy (flipping the usual ratio of 1:3 girl:boy), who have had some traumatic experiences before the books even started. One deals with a plague, riots, and being stuck in a magically hidden storeroom, where she expects to die. One is orphaned by a storm and her people cast her out. One, due to her extremely volatile magic, was cast out by her family. And the last? His mom was murdered when he was about four, so he spent about six years as a thief before being caught thrice. Earthquake, pirates, wildfires out of control, and a plague, all within their first year together. The next quartet finds them four years later, accredited mages at 13/14, and finding their first students (keep in mind most don't become accredited mages in this series until almost 30, to tell you how strong they are and how much control they have over their magics)
There's a few standalone books for Emelan, some involving the main four, some involving their students

Um, yeah. I'm a fan. Barring my hair being too long and being a twig rather than muscular, I look a lot like Kel

Put ya guns awn!

Donator — 0% Edible Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/05/31 17:04:58 )
Leave him alone

Black Jewel series - Anne Bishop
Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne-Jones
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - Jane Austen/Seth Grahame-Smith

he's a harmful old man

Artist Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/2 08:54:05 )
I think I'm going to add it to my to read list even though I know the story xD
I've done that before with movies I enjoyed and the books ALWAYS add more to the story to love!

There's BBC movies of Narnia?!
I loved the movies growing up and I really should finish reading the books though maybe won't count them on my reading challenge for the year as they're so small xD
(I'm trying to read 24 books this year.)

@kitalpha hart:
Haha! I wish I could like a comment as that was a great explanation!
I'm still a bit confused but more because I don't have context to the time line or characters and how they relate!
I only ask because i'm always looking for books to add to my ''to read'' list, especially children's books I feel I've missed out on as I didn't start reading until my late teens!
Thank you again!<3

@another movie addict:
I always forget Howls moving Castle is a book before a movie!!!
All great books!
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Donator — Whatever Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/2 09:06:47 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

@Keturah: if you want the quartets/characters in release order: Alanna, Daine, Kel, Aly, Beka, Numair. Emelan is a bit less time screwy, which is nice. Circle of Magic is the first quartet, followed by The Circle Opens and then a trio of standalone books, one featuring the main four, the other one of their teachers and the boy's student, then a bit of backing up the time for the latter trio and some things mentioned in the older books in more detail

Put ya guns awn!


Voltie — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/2 09:27:11 )
@Keturah: The BBC movies are the ones I grew up with. They're a weird mish-mash of costumes, puppetry, and animation all with that classic BBC flair. I couldn't see kids today watching them but I loved them

You really can't go wrong with Tamora Peirce. Some other classic "kids* authors I'd recommend are Robin McKinley, Susan Cooper, Patricia C. Wrede, Gail Carson Levine, Lloyd Alexander, Cornelia Funke,Shannon Hale, Mercedes Lackey (sort of), Madeleine L'Engle, Ursula K. Le Guin, Diana Wynne Jones... and plenty I'm forgetting lol. If you want me to elaborate on any just say the word

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/2 20:21:36 )

@Keturah: the book certainly does add more. It's very detailed. Everytime I reread it I discover something new!


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Voltie — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/3 22:55:52 )
Just finished Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. Still reccomend it. I totally forgot how forward thinking the dragons are about gender

Now I'm rereading the Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. It's really starting to show it's age (using g*psy and some fatphobia right there at the beginning yikes) but it's still engaging. If we're being honest Lackey is a problematic fav. She gets some things so right and then completely flubs others 😰

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/3 23:55:29 )
@Lilykin: I love Patricia C. Wrede's books! Now I want to re-read Dealing with Dragons again.

In general, I always like re-reading most Discworld novels.
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Voltie — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/06/4 01:44:17 )
@marupiter: It's such a quick and satisfying read. I really need to purchase the rest of the series to reread

I've tried the Discworld series several times. By all accounts it's something I would enjoy but I just couldn't get into it
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Voltie — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/09/10 15:02:24 )
I love the Lunar Chronicles. They are kind of like a sci-fi ish take on twisted fairy tales, but with a impending war going on from the moon. It is really in-depth, you should check it out!

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