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Forums Feedback [Updated June 22nd] Dressing Room & Inventory Management Feedback & Bugs

Npc — he/him Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/20 23:14:28 )
Hi Volties,

We are so excited to have finally released the inventory update and the exciting new features that come with it! It’s really going to improve the way we all create, save, and share our avatars.

There is always room for improvement and we really considered this a quality of life feature that we couldn’t wait to share with you all. Please share your thoughts with us!

What do you like about the updated inventory system?
What don’t you like and how could we improve it?
Any other suggestions or comments?
Have you encountered any bugs?

Update June 22nd
The errors with shop item previews has been fixed and should now properly display your avatar with the shop item you are trying on.
We want to thank all our Volties for your continued support, feedback, and bug reports ~ we'll continue to work on improving areas associated with this update.
Thank you Pathologic!

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 02:11:12 )
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i love how you can easily find each item that you need easily now, such as all the body items bein gin one area..its just so cool.
I haven't encounterd bugs yet but I'll be sure to let you know.

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By Alethna

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Donator — nightmaren Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 02:33:04 )
I noticed some items I have only show up in the inventory but not the dressing room? At first I thought they had completely vanished, but I checked the inventory. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue yet.
I cleared my cache before unequipping so I don't know if that caused it or if that's unrelated.
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Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 02:44:14 )

the new inventory is amazing I'm still playing around with it but all of the new features are great so far!
I love the faster loading time and sellback/delete feature. outfit closet and equipped list is great too.

some feedback so far:
-I know the consumables are missing from the dressing room, but will they be added back? I think some people like to equip the goodie bags as items sometimes.
-some of the assets are colored wrong depending on site theme (eg. there's a teal and white box in the shadowed cirque theme)
-the button to select "inventory" is cut off (on my screen at least), but still clickable. not readable tho.


Voltie — oink Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:06:19 )

by pachi

@moomin: Hi moomin, are you able to specify which items are missing? We’ll look into them.

@Hachi: Are you using desktop or mobile? Just want to clarify which layout is cutting off the button.

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Admin — Lily Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:13:26 )

@Hachi: The consumable items will be brought back as their very own items! I will be adding that in the next few days!


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:18:29 )

@Q t e a p o n: I'm on desktop!

@Lilypoo: oh that's good to hear, thanks!


by kiwi

Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:18:38 )

Hey guys, I've only played around with it for a little while, but I really liked it!

For Feedback/Improvements I would say please don't have any of the icons for items (mostly for commons) be just the circle with the color. Please have it be an icon of the actually item in what color it is.


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:28:54 )

I found a bug.
I made a new avatar, I saved it as an outfit but didn't hit save.
I click the 'Revert to Last Avatar' Button but this is what I ended up with


Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:33:13 )

Revert to Last Avatar also is being weird for me. And items are only allowing one pose at a time instead of two.

Admin — Lily Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:48:38 )

@Totalanimefan: We will be working on a solution to this but we can't have the items in the colors be the icons (that would mean redoing all the icons for all the commons.... don't kill us please!! XD) but we are thinking of solutions for this :)

Thanks for the bug catch!

@Devilkinboi: Could you give me an example of the items you're having issues with?


Admin — He/Him Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 04:50:18 )
@Totalanimefan: Hey
@DevilkinBoi: Hello
Thanks for the reports and feedback! Have you two saved an avatar at least once?
If you start with a freshly saved blank "canvas" / base, the revert feature should work properly. It's one of the things we shed some light on in the surge and completely understand it's a bit odd.

Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 05:11:16 )

@Lilypoo: I've tried some of the set items, from crates and orbs, like Skunk Punk and Groom of Death. I also noticed that the Unique Raver Mask doesn't show all the poses.

@Fozzy: Trying to remake my current outfit, but without being able to use more than one pose, I can't test the blank "canvas".

Admin — He/Him Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 05:17:18 )
@DevilkinBoi: It may be possible that the pose restriction not allowing 2 poses is due to a conflict with your currently equipped items and avatar. I'd suggest saving a png of your avatar, saving a blank avatar, and recreating.

If not, to further troubleshoot, screenshots/recordings would help! Thank you!
If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 05:20:02 )

@Fozzy: Thankfully I had the image saved beforehand, so here's to the blank avatar fix working.
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Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 07:21:38 )

@Lilypoo: It wasn't for all of the commons. Most actually were good and had the icons instead of just the colors. Could you use the icons that you used to have in the old system? It would show different noes, mouths and eyes.

@Fozzy: Yes I have saved an avatar at least once and I started over fresh. I did run into the same bug is Devilkin. With the one item only one pose, but I restarted doing my avatar from scratch and it was ok again. So the bug is still out there, but I found a work around at least.


Admin — Lily Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 13:43:46 )

@Totalanimefan: So it's just the smaller items that have the orbs cause they'd be really hard to see otherwise. This is how it was in the old system and the way the new Inventory managment works, is it shows you ALL items, including their individual icons. So for the commons that are smaller/harder to see, those icons are the orbs. There's no fix that we can do currently that wouldn't require some dev power or a lot of IT work. So we're just thinking of ideas and seeing what's actually possible to accomplish right now c:

Thanks for the feedback! We'll get there!


Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 18:07:34 )

@Lilypoo: thanks for letting me know. What about using the same icon that’s in the shops? -is trying to help- lol


Admin — Lily Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 20:49:35 )

@Totalanimefan: Yeah we're thinking of some different ideas we can do using what we've got, like having a scroll over box that shows the main icon OR having a smaller version of the main icon in the corner... but yeah, it really all depends on what we can both do dev-wise and what's actually feasible with the inventory.

But yes, any ideas help! I know it's confusing and a lot since there are so many orbs, but hey at least the orbs are cute! XD

Admin & Lead Item Tech & Merch Director

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Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/06/21 21:16:39 )

@Lilypoo: Those could be good ideas. XD
Yeah I was looking at my different mouths that are all the same color, but different pixels and I was like how do I know which is which lol.
The little colored orbs are cute.

By Ghost
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