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Forums Feedback [Updated June 22nd] Dressing Room & Inventory Management Feedback & Bugs

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/22 10:44:53 )
One of the items I noticed missing from the dressing room was the raver masks, but only the variations with teeth. The solid colored mask shows up.

I'm loving being able to save outfits ; A ;.

Admin — Lily Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/22 14:24:58 )

I’ll look into why those Raver Masks are missing since they should be showing up! Thanks all!


Donator — Whatever Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 03:06:53 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

My equips, when I'm looking at it through the avi creator and they're in a box/folder/whatever, is showing me items I straight up do not have
For instance, the avi creator says I have a beanie doll and two bearly cutes, but I don't have either
It's also saying I have 33 alphaca plushies in my keep folder. I none in that and two in my trade

So the inventory side is working fine, it's the avi creator that's having all sorts of weird fun I also seem to have lost my nose

Put ya guns awn!


Donator — she/her Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 03:54:02 )
I've only played around with things a little, but so far I like it.

However, where is the Lotus Garden Stems located? I can't seem to find them in the inventory anywhere. XD

Donator — Babygirl Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 04:44:19 )

》::: ✿・`.*
heyyy uhhh my hiding bear and the lotus garden flowers r also missing
*.`・✿ ::: 《


Voltie — They/them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 12:27:43 )

@Kitalpha Hart: Thank you so much for the bug report!! I fixed the issue. Please let me know if you find anything else!

Thank you for the reports! The most recent commons have not had their inventory tab category added yet, which is making them not show up. Unfortunately I won’t be available today to take care of this but I believe one of the admins may be able to add the tabs soon.


Donator — she/her Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 14:06:21 )
@Pathologic: no hurry at all!
I know everyone working at Voltra has real lives and real jobs to take care of first.
I appreciate everything you do! ^^

Voltie — They/them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/23 22:40:11 )

@Lina: Lily took care of adding tabs to the new commons today! Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Donator Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/24 01:41:13 )

I am looking for some items in my quest thread!
I can offer a trade or art for them!

I love, love, LOVE the outfits feature! <3

Come chill at The Treehouse or visit my Item Trading Thread!
[Pixels by Ghost & DragonicKittens!]

Donator — They/them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/24 02:27:37 )

here's a bug,
i have a 'faerie queen crown' that's seperate from my "faerie queen" item.

i think i know where this bug came from tho.
before the faerie queen was released, just the crown ended up in the clothing shop,
i bought the crown and made a bug thread that a head accessorie seemed to make it's way into the clothing shop.
but the faerie crown being in the shops at all was a mistake, so the crown got taken from me and i was refunded my volts.

so the crown i bought back then is baaack. lol

also, consumable items aren't in my equip dressup pages at all. and like i miss that cause you could hold the orbs. and equip the other consumable items.


(Avatar Closet)

Voltie — They/them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/25 01:09:40 )

@Zuzu: Oh, that's weird! I took a look at our database and removed the item from your inventory now, I think. Let me know if it's still there. Thanks for the report!

As for the consumable items, I believe Lily is working on making separate items that will be just the equippable poses of the consumables. I'm not sure on the ETA for that, but they will be back. :) Thanks for the report!


Donator — they/them Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/06/28 08:19:31 )
I love that multiple items now stack, but I'm also encountering the bug that my avatar isn't showing up in the dressing room, and I can only equip one pose each from my multi-pose items. When I feel up to it, I'll try the starting over fix.

Artist — She/Toad Posted 6 months ago ( 2020/07/31 01:10:35 )
    When I click on an icon in a set's item window to remove the last item in that set I'm wearing, it closes the window immediately. It gets really annoying when I'm trying to separately try on items from a set, having to click back onto the item to pick another thing rather than just being able to click between items while the window stays open

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/10/31 02:23:00 )


[size=11][color=#9F79EE]@Hachi: The consumable items will be brought back as their very own items! I will be adding that in the next few days!


are they going to be added to equipable? I just noticed that I can't equip my bags and stuff anymore.

Another question that i haven't noticed if anyone has mentioned it, I have a broken item in all my inventories. just one single broken image that is always equipped and i can't get rid of it. [/color]


Admin — Lily Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/10/31 14:30:23 )

@Shadami: I apologize! I’ve been meaning to have these added for so long now ;_;

I’ll work on then as soon as possible!!

Admin & Lead Item Tech & Merch Director

Lost my mama on May 11 2019, May she rest in everlasting peace

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/10/31 15:44:35 )

I just wanted to check to make sure it wasn't just mine glitching out. I know 2020 is a weird year and you all are working hard. ^^ I missed two events and and an inventory overhaul while I was away. That's alot!


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