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Forums Literature re-reading The Last Hearled-Mage of Valdamair.

Donator — She/Her Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/06/29 00:35:40 )
Questing: Soulcaster | Fall Harvest | Snowboarder | Capricorn | Scorpio | Berry Citrus | Cybernetic Guard | Year of the Tiger | Fabled Beauty | Dreams of Delight

its a series by Mercedes lackey and one of my favorite the main character is Vanyal, the oldest son of a 'lord'.
the poor boy is wholey unfit for where his father's shoving him, so in a fit of pique, he's sent to his aunt savil who's a Hearled Mage, and was chosen, it's actually very interesting 'nods'. i especially love her music to.

Star's Memory Jar | Star's Quest |
Pls Mention as i wander

Donator Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/06/29 01:35:52 )
I've read a few of those, they were very good !
I think the ones with Talia and Princess Elspeth are my favorites that I read.

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