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Donator — they/them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 05:46:45 )
Just wanted to let you know that some of us are not seeing the team uniform in our inventory (looking in the Sets: Event tab) even after choosing a team. Is there someone specific we should notify about this?

Otherwise, this event is fun so far!

Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 05:48:05 )

@athabm: Q t e a made a post about it in this thread:


Admin — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:03:24 )
Yes, so sorry about the team uniform issue! We hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have not been able to pin point the issue and am waiting for assistance from our interface support. Rest assured, everyone will receive their uniforms!

I hope this does not ruin all the fun this even has to offer.

Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:05:44 )

@Fozzy: I can't speak for others, but I know I've been having a lot of fun with the event so far despite not getting my uniform!


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Admin — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:13:51 )
@Starlight: I'm glad!

Donator — Whatever Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:35:30 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

Hey fozfoz
[number] basges left from gathering

Put ya guns awn!

Admin — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:49:03 )
@Kitalpha Hart: Thank you, we'll have that fixed as soon as possible!

Voltie — She/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 06:53:30 )


This may have been asked before, but on the cabins page it says you will get your team's uniform automatically for joining, but I don't think I have received it yet? Is it the uniform that is shown at the top of the cabin thread? This is my first event here so I might just be confused.



Donator — Whatever Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 07:03:14 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

@GodsandPunks: it's broke, they know and are currently trying to figure out where the break is

Put ya guns awn!


Voltie — She/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 07:05:00 )


@Kitalpha Hart: Ahh sweet okay! Thank you!


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Voltie — He/Him/His Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 07:18:17 )
Yay. Time for another summer event!
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Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 13:15:56 )
So, yay event... but you need to post to earn badges to actually go and do anything on the event page? And, somewhere, somehow, you need to pick a team to support...? I'm so confused right now. Must.Have.Moar.Coffee.First!!!

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 14:07:16 )
Ok - the caffeine hit my system and things are making more sense now that I've investigated a little more...

I ran across an issue with the "camp adventure" game - using the keyboard, from the inventory screen, I accidentally hit "enter" and ended up frozen on a page saying "TypeError this._windowContentsSprite is undefined". I had to close the window in order to get out of it, losing my progress in the process.

EDIT - attempted to go back to that previously saved game to get a new message: "TypeError $gameSystem.versionId is not a function".

Besides being an error you guys should know about, it appears that I really have lost everything for that game (I'm unsure of what exactly was required to complete the robot, but I had collected everything except maybe enough of the right fish?)


Donator — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 14:15:27 )
Getting the error that I need more badges to forage even though I have enough D:
Guess I'll just hold on to them for now.

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 14:18:44 )
@koneko: I'm getting that one too.

Donator — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 14:29:52 )
Oof, hopefully it's an easy fix.
Looks like it's badge hording time.

Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 14:53:10 )

    sometimes foraging is consuming more than 15 badges at a time :U

    i had 184 badges, foraged like 3-4 times and now when i try to click forage with 34 badges remaining (after those 3-4 times) it's giving me this pop-up

    gonna @fozzy:


Voltie — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 15:55:33 )
"You've had too much of the digital love..."

Yeah, I'm having the same issue with foraging saying I'm not having enough badges TwT

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Admin — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 16:24:30 )

  • FIXED - Team uniforms (x2) granted to account upon joining a team.
    • Will be reviewing team sign ups and granting uniforms to those who have already signed-up prior to the fix. Please be patient with us. <3 I will update you all when the process is complete. If you have not received your uniform by then, please pm me!

  • FIXED - "You have [x amount of] Badges left!"
    • Previous typo: "You have [x amount of] Basges left!" I need to work with a magnifying glass ~ how did you all see that!?

  • FIXED - Badge requirement for Foraging Activities on landing page
    • Somewhere along the way of frantically trying to fix other bugs we mistakenly "broke" the requirement of 15 badges to a larger amount. So it is once again requiring the previous amount of 15 badges per forage!

  • FIXED - Vreg's Adventure Treeshure Hunt Mini-Game
    • A few error codes were discovered while playing the game. Files have been updated to remove those!

We completely understand what a hassle these bugs and errors can be and the frustration they can cause when you expect a different outcome. We hope you've managed to keep up the excitement and joy while we worked out these quarks in the initial event launch coding.
We're always trying to shake things up and make these events feel fresh and new, so unexpected bugs do pop up, but it's a risk we're willing to take to give you the best events ever! We will take this as a learning experience to apply to our future events. Thanks Volties!

If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/07/27 16:26:49 )
@Fozzy: Thank you for the update. I completely and thoroughly understand what you guys are going through right now - good luck, and congrats for the creative approach to putting together an event!
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