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Forums News & Updates Camp Breaker Has Officially Closed for the Summer!

Npc — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 04:35:32 )

Well now comes the worst part of camp... Having to pack up your things and go back home!
At least we'll always have the memories we shared.

Thank you to all who participated in this year's activities, it's been a blast!
While we're at it, why don't we also give thanks to the folks that helped put it together?

Frog Catching: Priestess of Pie
Reedy Regalia: Q t e a p o n
Lunar Tides: KDA Drew, Q t e a p o n edits
SLUGS!: Frossy
Forest Foliage: Priestess of Pie
Oh, Honey!: KDA Drew
Campsite Tales: Q t e a p o n
Scary Stories: ghost and kiwi
Cozy Camping: ghost and kiwi
Aquatic Visit: KDA Drew
Venus Bikini: KDA Drew
Conchious Swimmer: KDA Drew

Team Electric Uniform: ghost
Team Metal Uniform: ghost
Team Sound Uniform: ghost
Team Ice Uniform: ghost

Wounded Wildcat: ghost (recolours by Lilypoo)

Campfire (Camp Breaker '20 Goodie Bag): Vozzy
Camp Breaker '20 Bundle: Vozzy

Thread Banners: ghost

Team Metal Cabin (Valentina): kiwi
Team Ice Cabin (Vyctor): kiwi
Team Electric Cabin (Velvet): Q t e a p o n
Team Sound Cabin (Vanora): Mica
Secret Letters From Camp (Vontell): Mica
A Clawful Catastrophe (Vivienne): Mica
Breaker Beach Event FAQ (Volkan): Vozzy
Counselor Caricatures (Virgil): Mica
Stories Around the Campfire (Violet): Q t e a p o n

Scripting: Cookie
Writing: Cookie and ghost
NPC Sprites and Tile Assets: Priestess of Pie
NPC Portraits: ghost
Item Icons: cookie
Slide Puzzle Graphic: kiwi
Title Screen Graphic: ghost
Music: Beach Party by Kevin MacLeod

Camp Map Coding: Pathologic
Team Page Coding: Pathologic
Foraging Coding: Pathologic

Campfire Gif: Q t e a p o n

Camp Map Design and Assets: ghost
Team Page Graphics: ghost
Badge and Foraged Item Graphics: ghost

Team Metal Cabin Intro: KreitzeN
Team Ice Cabin Intro: Cookie
Team Electric Cabin Intro: Cookie
Team Sound Cabin Intro: Cookie
Secret Letters From Camp Intro: ghost
A Clawful Catastrophe Intro: Lilypoo
Breaker Beach Event FAQ Intro: Cookie
Counselor Caricatures Intro: KreitzeN
Stories Around the Campfire Intro: KreitzeN
Editor: ghost

FAQ: Cookie and ghost
Game Mechanics: ghost
Scary Story Templates: ghost
Thread Upkeep: ghost, kiwi, Priestess of Pie, Lilypoo

Q t e a p o n

But I know we're all curious what you guys have to say too... Have any thoughts, feelings, concerns, or praise for this event?
Let your voice be heard!

► Camp Breaker 2020 Feedback Survey ◄

Providing feedback allows our event organizers to improve on future outings, so all input is valued and appreciated.

That's all folks, catch you all back home in Voltra city! Spark out!

Donator — Fox Lady Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 05:11:03 )

Thanks so much for the awesome event! I can't wait for the next one!

"Oh, the tired horror!"


Voltie — they/he Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 06:35:49 )
great event :)

Donator Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 11:12:54 )

Have a look at my Trade Thread!

Until next time then! <3

Come chill at The Treehouse or visit my Item Trading Thread!
[Pixels by Ghost & DragonicKittens!]

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 11:47:32 )

Thanks! Also I took the survey ^^

By Ghost
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Voltie Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 13:10:41 )
Thanks for the event, guys.

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Donator — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 15:37:42 )

Questing: Soulcaster | Fall Harvest | Snowboarder | Capricorn | Scorpio | Berry Citrus | Cybernetic Guard | Year of the Tiger | Fabled Beauty | Dreams of Delight | Heartbreak Coffin x1 | Merlantis | Cancer | Virgo

...ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ thank you so much for the event it was awesome, and i loved all the new ideas you guys used. <:3( )~~


Star's Memory Jar | Star's Quest |Star's Runway |
Pls Mention as i wander

By Alethna

Avi art is best gift ever.

Donator — buckaroo Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 17:29:40 )
that was a blast,
thank you to everyone for making the experience so immersive and fun!

Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 17:34:49 )

Thanks to all of the staff who worked on the event. It was a lot of fun. I filled out the survey as well~


Voltie — He/They Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 19:15:15 )
Can't wait to participate in the next event! Tysm for this one!

Voltie — He/Him Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 19:26:57 )
"Don't ask your questions to the wall..."

I took the survey!! I had lots of fun with this event :3

"They keep their secrets locked inside."
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Donator — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 20:33:08 )
*:..o()o..:*  *:..o()o..:*

This was a really fun event, thanks for all of it :3 <3


Donator — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/18 21:12:58 )

    ah dang i had one last item left
    dang you work for getting in my way ; u;

    fun event though!

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Donator — he/she Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/26 02:03:36 )
I haven't received the orb I won from the caricature contest yet. o 3o

Thanks for an interesting event, anywho. X3


Creative director — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/26 02:30:43 )
@kent: I apologize for the delay, it should be granted to you now! Thank you for participating and great work.
[post art by Shadami]

Donator — he/she Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/08/27 00:25:38 )
Ah. Thanks! o uob


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