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Forums News & Updates The Surge: December Crates!

Artist Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/1 22:53:59 )
@KDA Drew
Thank you so much, KDA!! <3

Your's and everyones hard work truly paid off, what a gorgeous month!! ~
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Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/1 23:59:00 )
Both of the items are awesome this month! I need multiples of each!

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 01:56:41 )

Wow these are gorgeous.


Donator — They/Them Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 01:59:44 )
The first crate set looks adorable :3 though the second crate set is pretty cool as well
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Donator Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 03:26:09 )
oooh krampus is fun

so is the big crescent moon

isn't that lovely, isn't that cool and isn't that cruel

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 09:33:57 )
Silent Night is so cute

Donator — He Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 16:36:34 )

All of the crate items looks awesome o:


Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 16:59:58 )
AWESOME JOB to all those involved with bringing these sets to us! Thank you guys so much!! <333
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Voltie — they/he Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/2 23:41:20 )
oh my gosh i love both of these

Donator — She Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/3 07:18:35 )

Krampus is fantastic! :3 The poses and shading are really well done. It'll be Krampusnact in a few days too so I might try and get that one before then! :3

Silent Night is a cute idea with super cute hair. The shading is excellent and the moon is super pretty. However, everything else about it puts me off.

The leg poses, like a lot of leg poses on this site are awkward. I've seen the avatar holding a cartoon star pose so many times on other sites it doesn't have appeal to me anymore. Same with the fluffy hairpin pose. lol OMG I know sound so jaded. Sorry I'm old. XP

Anyway the main complaint I have with the leg poses here is that they either look disjointed from the hip or squished. And in this Crate the knee to ankle proportions are too long throwing the foreshortening off. The wrong side is longer than the other further intensifying this 'wobble'. And at that angle with the crazy dress swoosh you'd certainly see a bit of thigh so i tried to make bloomers... Tried. lol. Also the dress has an odd stiffness to it like the avatar is spinning around super fast when I think they were going for a floaty other worldly dreamy feeling, but all that could just be me.

I did a little editing and tried to show what in my head better. Obviously my shading skills aren't up to par and there is still a bit of oddness with the positioning of the feet. I tried to make it look like she's holding up her stalking with the other foot to spare the young lady the ghastly embarrassment of showing her ankle in public.



Donator — She/Her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/12/27 02:55:15 )
How long until the December crates go out of stock? I really want the Silent Night but I'm still setting up my PayPal account. ;_;

Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/12/27 04:15:49 )

@Juliette: Not until sometime on Jan 1st.

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Donator — She/Her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/12/27 04:30:01 )
@Totalanimefan: Oh ok, thanks. I hope I can get it by then. :O

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