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Forums Serious Talk what do you do when someone doesn't like you?

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 11:33:05 )
so i'm in a discord with some people from another site, and i swear the leader doesn't like me. they always ignore what i say, or at least most of the time, they never compliment me/my art/etc, but they'll compliment other people as soon as they post, and they pretty much always ignore any problems i post in the personal area.

i dont know why they don't like me- they've been like this since i joined, and we had never interacted before this.

since they're the leader, and everyone loves them, it's not like i can just say something in group or have them removed. what should i do? i feel really ignored and i just want to know why they don't like me

Donator — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 12:22:17 )
I would probably just block them and move on. (Sorry if I look like I don't have any good advice)
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Artist — she/they Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 12:41:41 )
I used to get this a LOT because I was super shy and awkward (still am, lol). Then I started confronting people with my feelings and observations. 9 times out of 10 it was a big misunderstanding. Communication is fantastic. Just do it gently, and try not to sound accusatory... "I've been getting the impression that you might not like me very much, is there anything I can do to change that opinion, or am I off base?"
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Donator — She Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 13:11:05 )

EFF THOSE GUYS! lol sorry.

Honestly same, but i've never really cared if people don't like me. I like what I like and they don't have to like me. But I know a lot of that is just my own feelings towards myself too.

It's ok if some people don't like you because we're not meant to be for everyone. Maybe move on from that group? I don't know, to me if people are being rude or not giving me the affection I deserve I just leave. But I have way to easy of a time cutting people off so it might not be the best thing for you.

I'd love to see some of your art btw. :3 Share share share! :D



Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 14:49:48 )

I vote for Glume’s advice and if that doesn’t work you will have to say goodbye.

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Artist — Frog bless Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 16:00:50 )
Sometimes you just have to accept that you're not everyone's cup of tea. That's ok! As long as they're not harassing you or something it's not a big deal. If you find meaningful connection with the others on the server, then focus on that. If not, maybe you should find a new place with people that you do.

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Voltie — they/he Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 19:38:39 )
i agree with priestess of pie but glume's suggestion is reasonable if you are feeling excluded as the person may not be doing it on purpose. confrontation doesnt necessarily have to be negative, sometimes it is just a way of clearing things up when you aren't sure of someone's intentions.

Donator — He/Him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 22:47:37 )
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Like said before, its ok if not everybody likes you. ive recently been blocked on another site by somebody i never interacted withn im so confused lol. But if they have some sort of authority id message them privetly.

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Donator — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/9 05:25:37 )
I get this feeling a lot on discord. So you're not alone in that department.
For me tho, if I feel not welcomed enough or have any interactions from others, I leave the server. With the world as it is and my own personal life stress, I don't need to fight for validation from people who pay me no notice. There's other servers out there with way nicer people.
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Donator — she/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2021/01/13 06:23:24 )
I hope everything works out. <3 I can't relate to the Discord server issue specifically (as I've never been on it), but I also agree to find a friendlier server.

I still struggle every day with worrying about if people like me or not, although the anxiety was a much deeper horror show in the past. What I found helped was listening to music, setting out small goals to better acclimate to scary environments, drawing/writing/reading, removing stressors from my life, and just mainly being on my own every now and then to take care of myself~
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Donator — She/Her Posted 1 week ago ( 2021/01/18 11:15:19 )
I can kind of relate as I have had someone completely ignore me but chat to other people. I get very depressed and left out. Ways to cope with it are finding new people to talk to and build new friendships with them.

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