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Forums News & Updates The Surge [Breaking News!]: 2M Posts Milestone Update!

Npc — He/Him Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/5 21:57:37 )

Spark here with breaking news!
Seems like you Volties have been posting away, you've hit another milestone!

That means our Milestone Item gets another pose... and I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited about this one!
But enough with the chatter, let's see what you've unlocked!

2M Post Milestone: 1.8M Unlock Goal

We're already got the The Herald's Helmet and Staff, and now with 1.8M posts you've unlocked...

The Herald's Cloak

Pixels by ghost

We're getting pretty close to 2 million posts, how cool is that?
I wonder what kind of pose we'll unlock with 1.9M posts... Guess we'll just have to keep posting and see!

The 2M Milestone (The Herald) will be available in OMG Imports though one week after the final pose is unlocked.
That means you've got plenty of time to stock up!

That's all for me! Spark out!

Surge written by Hachi

Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/5 22:25:48 )

-gasp- OMG the cape is so well pixeled and it has nice flow!
I think the last two poses should be shoes for sure but then maybe a belt or another accessory?


Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/5 22:27:19 )

By the way if you want to follow along with our progress for the posting milestone or you want to chat about the item here is a thread about it!
Posting Goal Thread!

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/5 23:06:03 )

Have a look at my Trade Thread!

Aaah! The cape is super cute!

Come chill at The Treehouse or visit my Item Trading Thread!
[Pixels by Ghost & DragonicKittens!]

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/5 23:52:49 )
Low, keep your head, keep your head low...
.......................................Oh, you gotta keep your head low...

Love love love this Hermès item!!!! I can’t wait to unlock all the poses.

...If you wanna keep your head

Mr. Spider wants more

Donator Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/6 16:59:11 )
The cape is pretty :D

Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/12 12:50:24 )
Loving all the poses so far!! Can't wait to see the next one! :D

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