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Forums Exchange [S] A Whoooole Bunch of Stuff [B] Art

Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 00:32:36 )

Hey everyone


I've been gone for like a year or three or I don't even know but I kept thinking recently that I should log on and at least sell these items cause they're collecting dust. Forever ago I tried having a nice put together thread selling stuff before my wedding and also requesting art but I was so busy and shit at checking back and updating so I'm not going to do that. Also can I pay someone to price everything I have for me? Cause holy shit I'm overwhelmed.

I'm gonna save a couple posts for things I'm selling and then I'd love some company ♡

Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 00:32:49 )

Stuff I'm selling will go here

Seamstress x2
Drum Dame
Knickerbockers x2
Swingin' 50s x2
How You Doin x2


Cheshire Cabaret x2
Doggo of Death
En Garde x3
Frizz Set
Frog Prince
Lonesome Hero x2
Melon Cutie
Nefarious Guard
Night Light
Pond Sailing
Rainbow Mesh
Rootin Tootin
Shark Slayer x2
Splish Splash
Spring Showers
Static Set
Strange Land
Synthwave x3
The Electrician
The Ruffian x3
Turnip for What
Undercover as AoE
Valorous Knight
Victorious Captain

Berserker x2
Bountiful Harvest
Chemically Powered
DJ FURocious
Dancer x3
Flame Dancer x2
Gems of Wonder
Gunslinger x2
Punky Plasma
Squid Ink
Voltra Land

Basically pay for a surprise trade
100v -> 1 random item (minimum) from my inventory
200v -> 2 random items (minimum) from my inventory
and so on~

I could give more items but you'll at least get as many items as per hundred volts you spent. I have SO much I want to give away but listing everything is too much work so hopefully this is fun and helps me get rid of stuff haha. I'll just keep doing these until I'm out of items probably~

Please know that I'm trying to keep this updated but I may forget to take things off the list because I'm lost in the sauce of all these deals
If you ask for something and then I realize I already sold it, I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me. :c


Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 00:33:25 )

Another save for idk what

Posting welcome and appreciated now <3

Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:06:19 )

@cashew: -hugs- I've missed you! Did you end of getting married or did Corona push it back?

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:09:57 )

oh my god hiiiiiiiiii!
We DID get married! It was tiny and lovely ♡
Our 1 year anniversary is this May, May 3rd :)

How have you been???

Artist — Purple-boi Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:10:39 )
@cashew: hiya, welcome back!!! >u<

what art are ya looking for?

Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:23:24 )


I'm looking for art of my cats or a couple of my OCs, I've got a couple posts here if you wanna take a look ♡

Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:24:29 )

@cashew: Hey I was just thinking about you today!


Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:26:02 )

@cashew: How much do you want for your Keep Warm?


Artist — Purple-boi Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:26:38 )
@cashew: not sure what kind of art that you want. i have a site portfolio tho

my site


Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:29:51 )

Awwww you're so sweet!
Idk whatever you think is fair honestly, I haven't checked a price guide?
Also we have a trade going already but I cannot remember what for x'D

Love all your work!
If you're not interested in doing anything for my cats or OCs, I could also send
you some refs of my husband and I since I always love seeing art of us hahaha
But I'd like any style you feel like doing, I guess it depends on the compensation
you want but whatever you feel is fair~

Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:31:54 )

@cashew: It was for art of you and your fiance <3 And then I lost my art mood xD I was just thinking about it though and I was gonna message you and see if you still were interested o3o


Artist — Purple-boi Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:33:01 )
@cashew: ah im glad that you like the art style!

i have a request tho.. can i ask for items in exchange for premium art request? (ill throw in background if it balances the volt worth)

im looking at Alicorn and librarian for 1 or 2 art pieces (with background) (or 1 couple art piece with background)

i can do very good human ocs/irl people, i dont have sample for cat drawings sadly. up to ya.

Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:35:47 )

@cashew: Price guide says 8k for the keep warm, idk if that's right but it seems updated? Could I pay you 8 for that and 6 for your gone batty? (I only have 14k on me lol)


Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:41:08 )

Ohhhhh yeah! Sure, I'm still interested~ If you haven't started yet I'd love to send you updated refs?
We got married and our looks are a bit different haha (mostly my look, he's basically the same lol)
And yeah thats fine~ I'll send the two items over~

Oh yeah, for sure! Maybe we could do a wedding style illustration? I could send you some of our
wedding pictures for reference? I've been wanting to get something like that done that I could
display in our home ♡

Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:42:26 )

@cashew: New refs are great! I haven't started yet. Congrats and getting married!!! How exciting!
If you want to send them here or discord either works, my discord is Ruby#0667

Great thanks so much!


Artist — Purple-boi Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:42:33 )
@cashew: yea why not. we can do that!

you can send me the refs in either in here, in dm or in discord.
oh deer! mah wishlist!

Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:43:58 )

Voltra doesn't want me to have two trades with you at the same time T-T
I'll have to send the items to my mule first and then to you, give me a moment please
But cool, I'll discord you!

Discord would be 10/10 because I actually use it every day and I'm notoriously bad
at remembering to come back to Voltra, especially when I get super busy irl
gay grunge aesthetic

Artist — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:45:23 )

@cashew: Oh, right, my bad haha sorry for the inconvenience!
alright sounds good!

please ping me

Quest Thread

Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2021/02/22 01:46:20 )

@cashew: 15k for a Fabled Beauty?


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