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Donator — ghost Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/5 08:07:43 )

I recently opened a modded minecraft server on Forge 1.12.2. It's a lot of fun, here's the list of mods:

Biomes o Plenty
Tinkers Construct
Ultimate Unicorn Mod
Pam's Harvestcraft
Extra Utilities

I took inspo from Shubble playing on Harmony Hallow and One Life.

My friends are loving it so far. If anyone is looking for a modded minecraft server, we'd love to have ya! If not and you wanna just talk about and share minecraft experiences/mods LET'S CHAT!

I wanna get more into the modded community.


Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/5 13:45:29 )
Oh minecraft, it's been a while!
Haven't played as much games lately cause i've been busy but will keep that in mind.

Never played around with mods too much but found one a while ago on reddit that turned tamed wolves into several different dogbreeds and i had no choice but to install it.
(it glitched at first with my texture pack but i realized that i could just delete the texture pack dogs so it would activate the other mod's dogs instead)

Heard of some of the mods you mentioned, didn't extra biomes also add sakura trees or something? o:
Sorry if Reply late!
Please ping me!


Donator — ghost Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 11:12:15 )

@Siron: We're having a great time!

I think I've heard of the dog one, never used it before!
Biomes o plenty has a lot of really neat trees but I don't believe sakura trees are in the version I have. That sounds real pretty though!


Artist — She/Toad Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2021/04/3 18:23:48 )
There's something foul about the air here...

If I'm playing on 1.12 I always add on Millenaire, it makes the game so much more fun tbh


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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.