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Forums Welcome Committee hello! new user here ^^

Voltie — she/they Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 06:29:26 )
hello! as you can tell, i'm new here! i'm scarabee, but i go by gafflin! i found this place through a user's bio on dappervolk, and i go by gafflin over there.

some facts about me:

  • artist and writer! my specialty is designing characters and lore-building, and i tend to design a lot of ocs but only focus on five.
  • interests include homestuck, minecraft, role-playing, flight rising, and dappervolk! i fluctuate between interests a lot, but those are my main interests.
  • i live on the other side of the universe AKA my time zone is much more different than voltra's own!
  • useless fact: my name is a combo of scarab and bee, so if you really wanted to, you could call me by any variation of my username.

and that's all i really have to share! i hope to meet some friendly faces as well as learn about the site along the way!

Asst. admin Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 06:54:45 )

hey there, welcome to voltra!
we're a relatively small but friendly community. the spring event is coming soon so you should definitely stick around for that!

it's nice to see more artists here! what kinds of things do you like to write? do you rp?
I love hearing about people's ocs if you'd like to share. ;3c

Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 06:58:47 )
j0 there. o/
See what conventions I'll be at next

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Donator — He/Him Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 08:06:05 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

Welcome! I hope youl have fun here ^^

I also came from Dappervolk!
Id love to see some of your art and characters!!! I absolutly love character and worldbuilding and seeing other peoples creations make me verry motivated!

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Voltie — she/they Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 09:45:36 )
thank you! i'll definitely stick around for the spring event, i always love seeing what seasonal items come in! also to answer your question, i generally write whatever's on my mind, but it's always something about my characters. it's mostly an activity for me to expand their backgrounds or personalities or relationships with other characters! for the rp related question, i used to do it before the school year started, but i don't do it as often now that i'm busy with work and whatnot. i'd like to share my characters at some point, but considering how many i have, it's gonna take a lot of time to explain them all. ^^;;

hello to you too! (. v .) hope you're doing okay!

hey!! glad to meet another person who also enjoys character and world-building, it'd be cool to see your work as well! iirc, i think i found this website through your account. i might be wrong because i'm not the best at remembering, but i've definitely seen you around dv earlier!

Donator — They/Them Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 12:31:43 )
Hi there and welcome to Voltra
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Voltie — she/they Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 14:00:51 )
thank you once more! always great to see such a welcoming community, i can tell i'll be staying here for some time! :D

Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 19:50:28 )

@scarabee: Hey welcome! I'm on DV too as are a lot of people on Voltra. ^^ We are happy to have you. This is a small, but growing community. it's pretty friendly here so make yourself at home! ^^ I'll send you a little something.

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Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2021/03/6 22:05:41 )

Hi! Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will love it here, it's such a lovely place :)


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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.