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Forums Role Playing hey im new here and want to find people to RP with

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2021/04/7 08:29:29 )
Hey not many people are going to say anything to this, but i just want to put it out there that I just got this today and I want to find people to RP with, I don't care what it is about, as long as it is enjoyable, if anyone want to do one just tell me and I will, idc how many people say they want to, I will make one with everyone. Okay thats all, I hope you all have a great night or day (or whenever you are reading this).

Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2021/04/11 05:50:36 )
@mads: i would be intesting in an rp, if you have any ideas of what you wold like to do

Voltie Posted 7 days ago ( 2021/04/13 07:34:40 )
I don't really have any ideas no sorry, would you have any?

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2021/04/14 04:55:16 )
do you like to do fandoms or own ideas?

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2021/04/14 05:41:58 )
@Robin knight i like to do more fandoms

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2021/04/14 06:44:20 )

Same, which fandoms?

Voltie Posted 4 days ago ( 2021/04/16 08:23:03 )
@mads Did you read anything by Rick Riordan or Jim Butcher, or saw all 12 episodes of Madoka Magica before?

Voltie Posted 3 days ago ( 2021/04/17 04:46:06 )

i love Madoka Magica! And i can do multiple rps at once, send me a pm if you want to rp

Voltie Posted 2 days ago ( 2021/04/17 20:05:07 )
@robin knight: Thanks, and hey for what it's worth if you're up for it we'll talk more sometime.

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