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Forums Literature Characters~

Voltie — Whatever Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/20 04:43:50 )
Was hoping to see what kinds of characters everyone likes~?
Whether it's the rowdy hero, the brooding love interest, vague protagonist, the dazzling upperclassman/senior, bad boy that's super sweet, good guy with lots of edges, or something else~?

Voltie — They/He Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/20 04:51:49 )
Should they keep it on display...


But also like,,,, The more studious nerds? Like the ones that are super smart but also have that mysterious vibe about them. Usually are respected enough to not be bullied bc everyone knows that they'll regret doing so. Yeah.

Or redecorate?

Donator — He/They Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/20 17:30:13 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

Hmm thats hard to say

For some reasens my characters are either assholes or sweethearts no inbetween. But characters in media that are assholes im not that big a fan of...
But my favorite character overall is Howl Jenkins, famous whiny dramatic lil shit... so yea... hmmm

I do really love strong women who can smash my face in with their pinky, thats an instant 10/10

Character dynamics i can say i rly love the tough/quiet one and a sweetheart wich they melt over

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Voltie — they/he Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/20 20:24:31 )
i could describe what i think are my favs but i think this meme i did earlier this year sums it up. you might notice some patterns there idk

top row: jolyne kujo(jjba), lord hater(wander over yonder), smeagol(lotr), waluigi(mario...), rock lee(naruto)
second row: pinkie pie(mlp:fim), finn(star wars), grinch, salad fingers, joanna(rescuers down under)
middle row: cassandra(rapunzel's tangled adventure), zevran(dragon age), poppy(trolls), clara(welcome to demon school iruma kun)
fourth row: sadu(ffxiv), beast boy(teen titans), megamind, makoto/sailor jupiter(sailor moon), frank fontaine(bioshock)
bottom row: eda(owl house), locke(the lies of locke lamora), toph(atla), ryuk(death note), link(legend of zelda)


Creative director — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/22 18:47:17 )
hmmm probably unhinged disasters and greasy sleazebags (the weaselier the better)

also anyone with "sad dilf" energy

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Voltie — Whatever Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/26 03:27:17 )
I'd honestly love to see a Himbo, and highly-respected Studious Nerd romance. Not like pairings from "She's All That", or "Don't Be Cruel"... Like, I would love to see characters like Troy from "Community" and Kyoya from "Ouran High Host Club" paired up in a story.

Howl Jenkins has been one of my favourite muffins for a long time, and I loved how he was written in the books. How he truly loved Sophie with his whole self. (He consistently put himself on the line to make sure that she was safe.)
Have you tried "Monstrous Regiment" or any of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books?
Mezzo is definitely a good one for a tough, but sensitive, female character. Though, I find Warrior Nun has a nice range in female characters -- from sensitive and kind to 'Will curb stomp you given the right circumstances".

I love how there are some creeps, sweethearts, and misunderstood characters in there. As well as sassy Toph, and dutiful Link. Personally, I love Toph and Megamind as characters so much. Namely because they don't let any of their flaws or weaknesses get in their way. They still rise to meet any challenge given to them. Not to mention that Megamind is such an awesome character in the fact that he can play multiple roles within a story, and nail them all.

I nearly snorted over this. If I hadn't learned to perse my lips and hold myself together, I would've been chortling and snorting over this. Like, it can be a complete and utter mood for me to want nothing but the greasiest disasters, sad dilf vibes, and the rest. Mixed Messages actually became my favourite sleazeball anthem for whenever I need a little fix.

I even have a Dirge Bard Gnoll in the DnD campaign that I'm in who literally wreaks of unhinged disaster. In all seriousness, I would describe him as an unhinged idiotic mess that's food obsessed. His whole goal in life is to travel and see things, but he'll get distracted by food and laughing while he torments party members -- one in particular. We have someone who's playing a Catfolk -- specifically a tiger. My character torments theirs out of fear. I don't think the other player has realized this, yet. So, they consistently attempt attacks on my character. Now, because I'm a bard, and they're a rogue... I've merely had fun just messing with them, mentally. Auditory hallucinations, attempts to anchor them to their shadow, fashioning a shiv out of bones, viciously mocking them, and turning my nose up at the thought of sniffing their butt. (I made his prior profession: Butt-sniffing. He also has a pre-occupation with butt-sniffing.) In our last session, we literally cornered the Catfolk into a Sex Ed conversation with mine thanks to an adult fun time dungeon room. Me and the DM were wheezing from laughter as we planned it out the night before.

Voltie — they/he Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/26 03:37:27 )
@ManInMauve: i think i really enjoy characters who think of themselves as the villain but end up performing a heroic role. thats true of five of the characters on my bingo including megamind lol. in general im just a big weirdo so its weirdo city in there

Voltie — Whatever Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/26 05:03:31 )
I'm definitely all for it and all the weirdness, though. Especially when I love at least 7 or 8 of the characters on your character bingo. I actually have a character that I've been writing about that's been trying to publicly portray himself as a villain, and I love him as a character because he's definitely a doof. Kinda like if Megamind, Sirius Black, Blaine (iZombie) and probably Bucky (Captain America's buddy) or Static Shock had melded into an off-brand anti-hero like Deadpool, or Jack Sparrow... Or just Sirius Black. (I originally based his character off a combination of Sirius Black, Venom, and Bucky.)
And I have The Lies of Locke Lamora, but I haven't read it, yet. How good is it?
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Voltie — they/he Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/26 07:23:35 )
@ManInMauve: oh that sounds like a fun character. love an offbeat dude like that haha. making characters is so hard i only have like one oc that ive stuck with throughout the years

as for the book its very good i think you might like the humor but theres quite a bit of tragedy and cool moments too. its a book thats stuck with me since high school.
im not really sure whats going on with the latest sequel as its been years of delay since the last one. and in the process of looking into it ive read some unpleasant things about the author n his wife so thats a bummer. i would say the second and third book arent as good as the first but also entertaining reads.

Voltie — They/He Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/05/26 13:00:47 )
Should they keep it on display...

@ManInMauve: yes!!!
I watch sanders sides and that exactly what Logince (Logan x Roman) is and I love them <3 <3 <3

Or redecorate?

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/1 18:04:10 )
    I think I tend to prefer enjoying characters who are complex in their motivations but steadfast in their own moral code. They don't have to be antagonists or protagonists, but when you can see someone growing in the decisions they make it's kind of enjoyable.

    Sometimes not seeing all the cards on the table is refreshing.

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/1 23:37:38 )

A good example would be Hondo from the Clone Wars series.
Thinking about playing Pokemon Crystal again.

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