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Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/06/22 23:16:46 )
Hello, I cleared my cache a few days ago, and since then have not been able to get into my main account, star2000shadow. I've sent emails, no response, so when i found i remembered this accounts password I've decided to POST a thread of it. So whenever your ready to help me I'd appreciate it.

Admin — He/Him Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/06/23 14:28:36 )
@star2000fire: Hi, please submit a support ticket with the account username and email address and we'll get you access to your main account as soon as possible. Thank you!
If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/06/23 23:26:51 )
@Vozzy: and Thank you so much.
star2000shadow's Mule

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