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Forums News & Updates Status update for our Volties!

Admin — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 04:21:04 )
Hi Volties,

I wanted to give you all a quick status update on our progress with city projects. I know it's been a little quiet on our end since the launch of our spring event.

Spring Event
I hope you all enjoyed the very much extended spring event! How cute are/were those dust bunnies!?
As always, events do come to an end, it just took a little while longer for this one to officially come to a close.
Here's to extra time and that many more chances at buying extra event items, right!?

The event has OFFICIALLY CLOSED, meaning event forums are locked, event currency is deactivated, and EIs have left shop.
Any outstanding contests and prizes will be announced asap!

Summer Orbs
We're SOOOO close to having these ready for release. A few more sets are on the queue for processing and upload, while others are in the works but to be completed shortly.
We apologize for the delay, but as always, their release window will be adjusted to allow ample time to collect them.

July Crates
All new crates sets for the month of July are awaiting processing and upload. These are right around the corner!

Development updates / Fairgrounds
Unfortunately I don't have many new updates for website developments. I do think I can manage to release our planned updates for the fairgrounds page.
Our developer Vii made great contributions with the fairgrounds code updates and had many plans in place. There aren't many details, but I'm personally concerned as a friend of Vii. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a hold of vii for over a month now and I do not have any other means of contact beyond Voltra, Discord, or Email. I don't want to cause any alarm, this is just purely for your knowledge on our current project statuses.

So that's that! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
As always, thank you for your continued support!
If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 14:16:07 )

    Thank you for the update! I hope Vii is okay!



Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 17:24:46 )

I hope that @Vii: is ok. We miss you, come back!

I'm sure this is all a lot to juggle. Don't be afraid to make more constant updates or hangout with us sometimes. We are more confident about Voltra when we see the staff around. Even if it's not an update and it's just to hangout.

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Voltie — she Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 17:58:13 )
Thank you for the update!!
Sincerely hope Vii is okay !! We support you guys!

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 18:02:10 )

Voltie — they/he Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/7 20:06:24 )
i do hope vii is ok. perhaps some things came up irl.

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/8 23:23:38 )
Thank you for the update
Thinking about playing Pokemon Crystal again.

Donator — wrik Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/07/14 21:05:32 )

Not to seem weird but I messaged vii on every platform I could link them to

their last reddit post was 19 days ago

(i will not be sharing the accounts i have found, of course)
hi im wrik

closet buying

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.