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Forums Exchange Selling and Buying (looking for recent DI's)

Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/08/13 04:24:13 )
Hello friends! As I have only just recently come back to Voltra I am a sad poor bean in need of currency but ALSO I just have a buncha stuff sitting in my inventory so I figured if someone else could use it, they should have it. I've no idea what stuff is worth and I know there is a price guide but I figured I'd just let people throw out offers because ehhhh I don't care about being ripped off lol.

I have some Daily Stuff in addition to all of this, but I'm too lazy to list them all so if there is an old daily you're after feel free to ask :D

Crate Items
The Electrician x5
Night Light x4
Valorous Knight
Victorious Captain

Event Items
Bernard x2
Curious Case
Leo x2
Skullie Top
Solstice Advent Ticket 2019 x10
Surprise Party x2
Survivor Crafted Gloves
Trick's Victory
Violet's Curls x2
Violet's Dress
Virgil's Hair & Beanie
Virgil's Jacket x2

Orb Items
Ombre Nomad

Knick Knacks
Best Bag Ever
Bun Bun
Easter 2k19
Flags of the Nations
Leap and Achieve
Lucky St Patty 2k19
Mom Fashion
Pi Day
Pride 2k20
Pride Cardigan 2k19
V-day 2k20
V-day 2k19

Milestone Items
1.5M Milestone (Impish Delight)
1.5k User Milestone (V-Crew)
1m Milestone (Voltra Royalty)
750k Milestone (Dream Keeper)

Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/08/13 04:30:36 )
Finally have something I want to buy! So here is buying :>

Sharp Wit
Deadly Darling
Reaper of Space
Mesmerizing Moon

Also looking for the Reaping Ritual items from 2018.

Artist — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/08/13 09:08:15 )
Welcome back to Voltra! :3 Love your avi!

@Koah: another Mom Fashion in here!

Lead Item Tech

Donator — Angel Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/08/17 15:38:06 )
hi i'm interested in pride cardigan, is 3k good?

art shop//deviantart//insta//carrd

Donator — they/them Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/08/18 12:09:14 )

2.2k for Virgil's Hair & Beanie + Violet's Dress?
(Trade sent).

Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/15 04:16:15 )
Oh dang, I'm sorry all, school started and I fell off the face of the earth lol.
Gonna reply to you all and you can just let me know if you're no longer interested <3

@KDA Drew: I am horrible at pricing, so I checked the price guide and it said that 7k each for the Knight and Captain would be good? I'm willing to go lower if that's too much. For Mom Fashion, would 2k be okay?

@prezial: If you're still interested, go ahead and send a trade for 2k :D

@Vegan: Hey I'm so sorry! I saw you sent the trade and canceled it, but if you still want the items I promise to actually respond this time :'D

Donator — they/them Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/15 16:52:21 )
No worries I canceled it until I heard back from you. Welcome back!
Sending the trade your way with name of items if that helps again! Thanks!
Quickly editing to say, if you have dad (or mom) fashion? I'd love to buy if possible.
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Donator — Any Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/18 05:09:34 )

@Auxillatrix: How much for raven mage o3o


Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/18 06:07:50 )
@milkshake: I've looked up and down for even a hint that this item even exists and can't find anything, so I have literally no idea how to price it ;w;

Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/18 18:21:06 )
@Borealis: Would 2.5k be acceptable? :>

Donator — Any Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/19 05:34:30 )

@Auxillatrix: Lol idrk either 😭 the Announcement for it says it was a common in a spring orb?

Please ping me!

Donator — Yes Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/19 23:52:54 )
@milkshake: I just scoured so many exchange threads searching for someone selling something similar and wasn't able to find something. I'm mentally drained and have to take an exam now so I'll just start a trade and you give me what you think it's worth, I trust you <3

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 year ago ( 2022/09/21 02:38:46 )
Hi @Auxillatrix: , have/buy both Raven Mage and Skullie Top for 13K?

Also, good luck on your exam
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator — Yes Posted 11 months ago ( 2022/11/2 22:39:13 )
Looking to buy some of the newer donation items, as listed in the second post non/
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If you don't ping me I'll miss you!

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