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Forums Role Playing Looking for a M/M role play!

Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/09/4 23:32:32 )
Hi all! I have just finished several intense semesters of grad school and I'm looking for role plays to keep me busy now!

A Bit About Me

  • I work from 7-4 (EST) M-F
    I prefer MxM role plays
    I try to write at least a paragraph and hope you do the same.
    Bolded is who I wish to play

Younger Brother - Older Brother's friend
Nerd - Jock
Cabin Boy/Captive - Pirate
Prince - Bodyguard/Knight
Prince - Pauper
Stalker - Victim
Childhood Best Friends

The Magic Ring
So in this plot there is obviously a magic ring. The way it works is person A gives the ring to person B. Person A may or may not know that this will cause person B to fall madly in them. That's it. Magic ring causing B to fall in love with A, we can discuss more if you want!

Alpha - Omega
This doesn't have to be an Omegaverse role play! That's just the idea from the source material (unfortunately, I can't remember what that is). Basically, person B is a blogger/youtube person or something, they create a meet up at a mall. Person A goes to the meet up thinking they're going to meet a cute girl and it ends up being a guy. However, he decides to hang out with him anyway.

Percy Jackson Universe
This is less of a plot and more just the universe. I would love to do a role play with OCs in the Percy Jackson universe. I love the idea of a day to day role play happening at camp half-blood.

Voltie — any~ Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/09/7 07:36:35 )
percy jackson is tempting~~

Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/09/8 11:02:57 )
@justice: I would love to give it a try with you! Wanna pm me to discuss?

Voltie — any~ Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/09/9 03:44:30 )

@Tinker Bell: yes i'll pm you c:

"Think of me when you look at the night sky"

plz ping me!

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.