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Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/01/9 03:10:15 )
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that my username was danielle with a space in front of it I guess and I changed it because when someone would go to my profile it would go to another user's profile!

Voltie — HIM Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2023/01/9 03:17:31 )
You gotta @Mention me.

I noticed the issue and said something about it to her.
It seemed like she signed up to voltra and accidentally had a space before her username 'danielle' and this caused the website to bug out and direct her profile as being this older user with the username danielle, but without a space.
You can see evidence of her previous username from her Welcome Committee thread.
When users had @mentioned her using the Mention button, there is clearly a space following the @ symbol.

Might need to change something with usernames on signup, not allowing a username to begin with a space.

Hope this helps, guys.

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