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Forums Entertainment Any JJBA fans????

Voltie — He/They Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/20 14:52:02 )
Ughhh I need more Jojo friends. It's been my favorite anime for the past few years and I've rewatched the whole series about 100 times and currently reading steel ball run, and I've seen some jojolion. My favorite characters in the whole series are rohan, fugo, and gyro!! If you like jjba as well or know any shows similar to it, feel free to let me know!!! : DD

Voltie — they/he Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/21 03:54:32 )
ive read the manga up through steel ball run, havent read jojolion (just a bit of the beginning, its been a few years) or the new one yet. i havent really watched any of the anime since stardust crusaders but i reckon its the same story more or less. i think my favorite jojo might be jolyne. rohan is so funny i almost forgot how fun some of the characters in diamond is unbreakable are lol

since its been a few years since i read any i think theres probably other stuff i forgot about, tho i have been listening to a jojo anime podcast by some acquaintances of mine since stone ocean came out.

i used to be such a huge jojo fan, my roomie and i even named our rabbit jojo(who just passed away this year, rip) after jonathan when we first got into it and i used to joke that he was sometimes more of a joseph with his naughty lil attitude.

Voltie — He/They Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/21 04:07:39 )
@Stinky: yea jolyne is one of my fave jojos too. ive read the new one, jojoland or whatever its called, and it seems pretty alright so far. and YES diu is my favorite part it has some of my favorite characters and its so funny lol josuke and okuyasu are my favorite duo!! theyre so adorable and awww rip little jojo rabbit.

Voltie — they/he Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/21 04:29:10 )
okuyasu deff one of my favorite characters. the part in diu with tonio was so funny when josuke was freaking out the whole time while okuyasu was eating and experiencing the effects of the stand.

Voltie — He/They Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/21 15:09:59 )
@Stinky: That is my favorite episode lol it was hilarious. Tonio is one of my fave minor characters he is so nice and he just wanted people to feel healthier. I laughed so hard near the end when josuke had to clean the kitchen, but ig he just wanted to protect okuyasu. Still, it was hilarious he was literally freaking out

Voltie — they/he Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/21 22:56:12 )
@nomnomwoobat: yeah he was right to be suspicious but it was so funny okuyasu would look like hes dying and then suddenly hes fine the next minute going yum this food is delicious and i feel great!

Voltie — He/They Posted 4 months ago ( 2023/05/22 14:05:55 )
@Stinky: it kinda makes me jealous though that food do be looking good

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