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Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/21 20:22:58 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

Okay, serious talk time.

I have some serious issues with alcohol, and I am finally making a serious attempt to quit.

I'm only on day 2, and I'm already seriously struggling.

Not sure why I'm writing about it on here ... maybe looking for some encouragement? Finally saying it to somebody else?

If anybody has any ideas of encouragement for me, it would be appreciated, though.

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Voltie — He/They Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/21 21:33:49 )
Quitting is 100% a hard journey, but it's amazing that you're making an effort to do it! You've already made a first step, recognizing the issue and trying to tell someone about it. You should find some sort of support group or therapist or something to help you and support you better, but I'm sure that you can get through this! I've struggled with some addiction myself as well, and it can be hard to quit, but quitting will definitely improve your life. You can do this!!

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/21 21:43:07 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

@nomnomwoobat: The problem I find, is that most support groups tend to be religiously based, and I am most definitely atheist, so I quickly get turned off by the whole 'put your recovery in gods hands' type of spiel they are normally throwing my way. Even when they aren't focused on one particular religion, they all seem to be very . . . spiritual? Always talking about a 'higher power' - whether that is a god-like being or something else that you can put all your faith in.

But thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Donator — He/Him Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/22 00:12:50 )
I dunno if I ever had a problem with alcohol, but I quit drinking about 2 years ago? It just wasn't feeling good anymore.

But I think if you want to stop, you can do it ^^ Just be kind to yourself.

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Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/22 01:07:09 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

@Shark: I wish it was that easy. I've tried to quit, so I know what's coming in my immediate future. I'm going to get sick, I might hallucinate. I'm definitely going to be irritable and my appetite is going to be crap. I wasn't just a social drinker - we are talking about black out drunk, no memories of the night, at least every other night. This is NOT going to be fun.

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Donator — she/they/him Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/22 01:39:31 )

It's good to have some sort of support, whether its a friend, group, therapist, etc.
sucks most alcohol groups are religious based like you said =/
but maybe look and see what options there are?
if you see a therapist sometimes their office offers alcoholism services
same with if you have insurance, especially state insurance~
good luck c:


Voltie — He/They Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/22 14:07:59 )
@Mellonin: Yea, that's true sorry I didn't think of that. A lot of them try to make you "give yourself up" to god or something and it doesn't really help if you're not into that belief. Anyways, you can get through this and I wish you luck!

Voltie Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/05/22 16:15:44 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

Thank you all for your encouraging words.

I'm on day 3 right now, and the hot flashes and just general feeling of unwellness has already set in. I'm really hoping I don't get the tremors or hallucinations this time, especially since I'm at home trying to do this with only my father for support - I was in a hospital last time, being carefully monitored because of how bad some of my reactions were.

Unfortunately, my entire circle of 'friends' can be classed more a drinking buddies, so that's a support group that isn't really available to me. They would probably just make fun of me, to be honest. It's what they would do every time I tried to go out and drink only soda, so I can only imagine their response to me actually trying to quit :(

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Donator — She/her Posted 5 days ago ( 2023/05/22 20:17:33 )

It's one of the hardest things to do and you are doing your best, so I'm super proud of you!!

If you happen to relapse that's totally normal. It takes people a few tries normally. I heard if you have a support network it will help you out in the long run. I know you got this. ^^


Voltie Posted 5 days ago ( 2023/05/23 03:36:30 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

@Totalanimefan: This isn't my first rodeo, but this time I refuse to think of relapsing as 'okay'. I even tossed about 20 $$ worth of alcohol down the drain this time, instead of telling my father to simply hide it. It's like I'm saying to myself "It's okay if you fail. Here's a backup supply of alcohol for when it happens."

I've decided on a bit of a mantra - Drinking is Failing, and You are not a Failure. It seems to be helping, at least a little bit.

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Donator — She/her Posted 4 days ago ( 2023/05/23 23:48:54 )

@Mellonin: That's a good mantra! And good for you for pouring it down the drain. It's not the same but when I was trying to get myself not addicted to sugar I had to not have it in the house at all! It was horrible! It would have these craving and mood swings that I hated.

I hope that this one is the one. We will be here to support you on Voltra. ^^


Voltie Posted 4 days ago ( 2023/05/24 17:13:03 )
Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!

Well, I drank last night. So yeah, that was a failure. I made it to 4 days this time. Yay?

Back to day 1, I suppose.

We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?
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Donator — she/they/him Posted 3 days ago ( 2023/05/25 03:31:43 )

never give up
you can do it~!


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Donator — Any Posted 3 days ago ( 2023/05/25 19:15:04 )


@Mellonin: Hey im really proud of you. Deciding to quit takes so much courage and strength. It's okay to relapse, it happens. It's not the end of the world and I definitely understand how hard it is. I'm not sure if AA would help or not, but I did go quite a bit when I was struggling. It sucks, especially if you're like me and dislike christianity (don't know why it's so religion focused). Hearing others stories and knowing I am not alone helped me. I still do drink from time to time, but I've been able to control myself. I still struggle with it and it's a battle I feel I'll always face, but life's so much better now. I believe in you, and as long as you're trying your best that's okay.


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Donator — She/her Posted 2 days ago ( 2023/05/26 02:24:46 )

@Mellonin: that’s alright. It just means you have another chance to start again. :)

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Voltie Posted 2 days ago ( 2023/05/26 14:00:02 )
@Mellonin: it sounds like you're doing pretty well, actually, given the apparent seriousness of your issue (major withdrawals, etc.). Your mindset sounds like it is about where it needs to be and it seems like you're determined to follow this through with the process this time. Good for you! <3 Acknowledge the slight relapse you had as part of the learning/recovery curve (i.e. don't beat yourself up over it), but reaffirm your goals & reset yourself, and keep going. You got this, and you're not alone.

Personally, I don't like the religion-centric approach that AA has either and, if I were in your position, would have some reservations about attending meetings for those reasons, but there seems to be something to it. It is an established group for addiction recovery, and it might provide the support you need right now during this critical time. Is it possible for you to accept the "let it go" aspect and ignore the "to God/HigherPower/Whatever" of their dogma? OR, maybe see if there's a more secular group in your area that might work...?

Also, maybe try doing something different during that time when/if you start thinking about drinking... go for a short walk or a bike ride, do some pushups or jumping jacks, play your favorite song and dance around the living room, read an engaging book, start learning a new language, or listen to an uplifting podcast... do something to distract yourself, change your environment, and disrupt your "usual" patterns through that initial craving period or time of day when you used to start drinking.

And, I'm going to be blunt, but evaluate your friendships too... because if the entire friendship revolves around drinking (and drinking that much) and ridiculing you if you don't drink, they're not really friends...

Good luck. Keep going. You got this.

PS: I like your mantra. :3

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