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Forums News & Updates Brief PSA: New Crates and Legacy Set! *Official Surge Coming Soon!*

Admin — He/Him Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/1 17:13:18 )
Hi Volties!

We have new crate sets, a legacy set, and a few tiny additions that just hit OMG Imports!

*An official surge from @Spark: with full details and additional previews will be coming soon!*

Crate Sets

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Legacy Sets

The next Legacy Crate set to return is Demonic!

The Demonic Legacies crate grants the blueprint or voucher.
*Blueprints can be used along with one of the Demonic Legacies to craft the Origional Demonic.*

You can obtain one of the following Demonic Legacies with a voucher:
Demonic Galactic Legacy
Demonic Chrome Legacy
Demonic Rainbow Legacy


"A few tiny additions"

If an entire set or the new legacy patterns just aren't your thing, check out these Solid Variations!

Solid variations are select poses from the Legacy set that stand alone as a set in all colors from Voltra's palette (w/ the exception of default tones on a case by case basis).

Think of these as "Premium Commons."

They cost 100 each & are not obtainable any other way.
They will leave shops when the Demonic Legacy Leaves shop.

Demonic Solid Horns

Demonic Solid Wings

Demonic Solid Tails

*These will appear in the same tab as your crate sets*

All items will leave shops SEPTEMBER 1st, 2023

Head on over to the donation page to grab some Ohms!

This was a breif announcement to inform you all of the new items before the Official Surge is published with supporting previews and information.

Thanks Volties!
Enjoy your weekend!

If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Donator — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/1 17:58:38 )
Low, keep your head, keep your head low...
.......................................Oh, you gotta keep your head low...

I am crying over the beautiful addition of Solid Variations

...If you wanna keep your head
Mr. Spider wants M̷̖̥͓̋͆́̚o̶̟͛̅r̴̨͍͔̦̰͙̈́e̵̝͑̆͐

Donator — She/her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/1 19:24:48 )

I love fashionable sets on avatar sites. Thank you to the artist(s) that made these sets!
And the demonic looks great recolored! Next time. I hope we get the angelic :)

By Ghost
Discord: Totalanimefan
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Donator — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/2 17:41:33 )
Great new items, and love the new solids! Now to decide what all I want to buy...

Thanks to all involved in bringing these new items to us! <3
Goodbye, Voltra.
Feel free to add me on Discord: aisu9811

Donator — she/they/him Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/3 01:57:59 )



☥ "Think of me when you look at the night sky" ☥

leave me msgs here

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plz ping me!

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/07/3 05:54:42 )
That's kind of cute. I like the grundge look
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

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