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Forums Games Palia is open beta now

Voltie — she/her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/08/18 14:41:55 )

For those of you who like chill farming/crafting/gathering games like I do! Its BETA so it is still a lil buggy and they intend on adding a lot more features to it. I think they said something about updates every two weeks (they just did one last week)

Its free to play, open to sign up any time. But if you do join I'd appreciate if you use this link, cause they give everyone these invite codes. If you have friends who would wanna play with you, you invite them this way, and after 5 invites you receive rewards
This isn't my reason for posting this thread though! I just want to pull you all into it with me because I've been beyond addicted HAHA

So if you join, let me know (ping me) ♥

How much I miss the old days when my friends and I used to hop from one MMO to another. I looked at some old titles and they're either dead and gone, or on its way out.
Its really nice having a shiny new one finally, that actually is good!

I am leaving Voltra
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Voltie — They/He Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/08/18 21:43:33 )

*signs up so fast*

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Donator Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/08/19 02:31:26 )
I swear I had been signed up to be part of some sort of testing but never got the highly coveted email. BUT I am thankful they have the open BETA at the moment. Sorry but I had signed up a few days ago and can't use your invite code :< I literally was about to boot Palia up to play and have Voltra on the side to just jump between the two and saw this topic haha.

I LOVE the style so far!! The starter outfits and the customization for hair is really nice but not overwhelming like some other games. In game, everything has such a unique style/design so the environment is really nice. Some of the mechanics in game are unique to other sim games which is a nice breath of fresh air but its not too different that I keep forgetting how to do stuff.

I've encountered some bugs (like standing on a rock, mining it and then when the ore is broken I am left suspended mid-air floating lol) but of course that is to be expected considering the open beta state at the moment and they are doing their updates.

It has huuuuuge potential!

Donator — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/08/19 16:45:08 )
Man or woman... It doesn't matter! One of Strength.. And nobility...

Hahaha palia is the reason I haven't been on xD
Been playing it so much!!!

Is always a prince.
I'm gone babyyyyyyy~~~
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Donator — Medical Biller Posted 11 months ago ( 2023/08/19 17:29:03 )
Hi @Jolly: I'll try to join maybe more in September. Thanks for the invite
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator Posted 5 months ago ( 2024/02/17 01:57:49 )

Post 6 months and I've played this game a bit. I got frustrated in it because I stopped and started again and forgot what I was doing and how to do things but I got back into the groove and it was a lot of fun. I think I've burnt myself out on it now though.


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