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Donator — She/They/It Posted 9 months ago ( 2023/09/9 20:54:44 )

Sometimes it's cool to not make whole artworks. Here's my work doodle. :D Share yours !!

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Donator — He/They Posted 9 months ago ( 2023/09/10 22:05:15 )
(Λ΅β—• α΄₯ β—•Λ΅)οΎ‰ Hello there

I colord a sketch in of a new dnd character i wanna play as :^D

。.:β˜†*:ο½₯ヽ(Λ΅β—• α΄₯ β—•Λ΅)

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Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 9 months ago ( 2023/09/11 16:16:14 )

I'm not by my sketchbook or anything like that so I just did a little doodle in MS Paint lol. I'll have to come back later with some official sketchbook doodles! Abstract scribbly faces like this are my niche, I've found. Thinking too hard about my art can be overwhelming and discouraging, so I love doodles :)

Also I love y'all's work sketchbook stuff, and am impressed and envious of your abilities to draw hair and create cool texture/depth in sketches!

Donator — Artist Posted 9 months ago ( 2023/09/28 07:36:26 )
I’ve been colouring in my colouring books. I like sketching and colouring fully too. Yet I find this relaxing and slowing my heart at the moment. This girl is a rabbit assassin who kills with silent daggers in the night.

rabbit hearted girl.

‘god, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young. I thought I saw you out there crying, woah-oh. I saw a lion kiss a deer, we are all lost stars trying to light up the dark.’ ~ Jungkook. / diary. text. visual. comm.

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