Hello Volties,

I'm back with some exciting updates regarding new items as the Reaping Ritual '23 event comes to a close!

Maybe you're in the market for new items? Or you just haven't had the time to gather event items?
Well, the event supporter options may be exactly what you're looking for!

Event Support

As a reminder, let’s start with a little FAQ!

What is an Event Supporter?

Events are larger projects that are asset and budget heavy for our team and website to produce. To fund and cover commission costs for current and future events we will occasionally be offering limited edition items during and following events. Event Supporters are wonderful Volties who have the ability to help us provide the community with more content through funding.

What are Event Supporter Event Items (ES EIs)?

ES EIs are premium event items that offer unique variations of already released event items or entirely new limited edition items.

What is an Event Supporter Bundle?

A ES Bundle offers additional perks for supporting our event funds and buying in bulk. In addition to the premium event items, you’ll also get an original event bundle.
The bundle contents will change with each event, based on the volume and types of event items.

Now, let’s hop into these event updates!

We can't tell if this is a trick or a treat... ?

It appears you've eaten so much candy, that you've BECOME CANDY!?


All sticks and lollipops are separate for any combo
Sticks come in Coal, Storm, Cloud, Marshmallow, Bark, and Khaki

Sweet Treat sampled

Concepts & Recolors by Ruby | Pixeled by Vozzy
Uploaded by Ruby & Vozzy

ES EIs are available for 150 each
They will be available in Joyful Jamboree along with the current event items until November12th, 2023.
After that, they will be moved to OMG Imports until December 1st, 2023

Gummy Worm x2
Corny x2
Giant Lollipop x3
Reaping Ritual '23 Bundle x1
Eyeball Cauldron (Reaping Ritual '23 Goodie Bag) x1

ES Bundle is available for 1250
It will be available in Joyful Jamboree, along with the current event items, until November 12th, 2023.
After that, it will be moved to OMG Imports until December 1st, 2023

Spark, OUT!