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Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 00:28:23 )
In case you didn't guess already... this is where you can find a toe or two!! (I'm physically incapable of not making corny jokes)

Been on Voltra (somewhat passively) for a few months now and am starting to feel a bit cozier, especially having a better start with collecting cosmetics. Makes me feeel cozier, yanno.
I remember spending time on some avatar sites when I was younger, but being born in '97, I feel I kinda missed the boat generationally speaking. I only ever dabbled in forum engagement and mostly stuck to avatar customization, but have always loved the dynamic of such sites.
SO here I am, and it's been super cool to be a part of an avatar site as an adult! In the spirit of improving my forum engagement, figured I'd create my own hangout thread. Please feel free and welcome to leave any stray sentiments here, they shall be received warmly (it is a sock, after all).

I like the idea of a "rule" for my hangout, but I also don't like strict rules, so it'll just be if you feel like it.
Folks who comment in this thread, I'd love for you to share a song you really like or that you've been listening to lately!!

Donator — she/they/him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 00:48:09 )

and i've been listening to
a lot of Hank Trill tbh haha


Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 01:08:07 )
@Justice: ok so Hank Trill just changed my life's trajectory for the better thank you for this magic lolllll
I'm doing alrighty though! Long day that's finally coming to a close now, about to head home from work. No idea what I'll do for dinner... probably ice cream.
How's your day gone?

Also, to answer my own question, I've been listening to Mosquito by PinkPantheress on repeat for a couple of days now... & before that it was Mirror Mirror by Palm. NEXT UP I GUESS IS HANK TRILL, loving this

Donator — she/they/him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 04:17:18 )

ya he's amazing tbh lol

and that's good. ice cream is nice lol.
i might do chicken thighs?
and it's been decent, kinda boring and meh but w/e


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Artist Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 04:54:04 )
@toe: Hello! Great avi you got there! I don't remember if I welcomed you when you first joined but in case I didn't, Welcome to Voltra! :D Great to have you here~

I've been on avi sites since 2008, but didn't really post much for a while so I getchu :3 fellow 90's baby but born in '94 so not that far apart haha

Currently I've been listening to HEY CHILD by X Ambassadors :3 I typically hear something I like and then just play it til I'm sick of it xD I'll have to check out the one mentioned about as well, I haven't heard that before.


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/11/16 22:21:35 )
I'm not too musically inclined. So I don't have a current favorite. When I'm cleaning the house, I typically put on electroswing or postmodern jukebox. I do recommend that genre. <3

I love your username and I'm glad you made a hangout. :3


Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/11/17 00:44:58 )
@Ruby: Cheers to the 90's! I'm listening to the song you mentioned right now, thanks for sharing! I'm tooootally with you about listening to a song until I can hardly stand it... and then maybe a few more times still. :P

@Koah: Cheers also to electroswing, what an awesome house-cleaning vibe. I remember getting really into Caravan Palace's music several years back. Not quite as familiar with postmodern jukebox though so I'll take a peek.

Artist Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/11/17 07:10:17 )
@toe: glad I’m not the only one! :D do you ever wake up with a song in your head you didn’t even listen to recently? I saw the name of a song I like last night, didn’t play it, and now its stuck in my head all day xD or like sometimes I’ll think of part of one and then have to try and sing the rest of it to figure out which song it is xD

What did you think? :3
And ooh I love postmodern jukebox!!! Koah was the one that showed me that too I think xD my favorite one they did is Creep with Haley Reinhart :3 I don’t even like the original xD


Donator — THEY/M Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/11/17 11:00:33 )
Welcome back to Voltra. I feel you on missing forum engagement with like minded individuals and dressing up avatars. Glad you made a hangout and it seems many people feel similar nostalgia to you and I both. At the moment, a song I've been listening to a lot is "Exponential Entropy" which comes from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. (I don't share my name on forums, but, I will say, I am in Stormblood).

Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/11/22 20:40:11 )
@Ruby: SO OFTEN!! I'll get random songs out of nowhere running through my head, and honestly I love it. Feels like there's seldom a lack of music happening in this noggin'. However it can be a problem when the earworm really digs its way deep, especially with a silly song hahah.
The song you mentioned was neat, I liked the stripped-down kinda feel of the instrumental section! Really helped to highlight the powerful vocals. And that cover of Creep is neat too, I see the vibe of postmodern jukebox now and can very much appreciate the re-imagining of tunes, that's always fun :)

@ahi: Thanks for your kind words! I also really love this song a lot; while Final Fantasy is one of those games I've always meant to explore, I've yet to have an opportunity. What do you like most about playing?
I guess this music shows me that I might have to ease myself in via the soundtrack for the time being - I love the subtly jazzy chord shifts over top of a nice drum n' bass feel.

Another song share from me today, we'll go with Cool With It by Bobbing, a favorite artist of mine. If folks celebrate Thanksgiving I hope things are feeling all prepped and ready for a nice day :)

Donator — THEY/M Posted 1 week ago ( 2023/11/24 12:11:24 )
Awww, it's no problem at all!

I have been a massive fan of the Final Fantasy franchise for a long time. The franchise of games are their own individual stories and for things I love about it? The music is most often composed by Nobuo Uematsu. (The best comparison is like Danny Elfman working with Tim Burton or Howard Shore working with Peter Jackson) and the stories. I finished the main story of Stormblood, I've been told that the post/patch-content is great, so, I am looking forward to that.

I noticed that the community is very helpful, it's not always needed, but, if you wanted to do dungeons with NPCs vs other players, they have that feature, but, I notice the community is very helpful and I've had a negative experience with no more than 5 people. I will say that eventually you do need people to help you.

So far? I would say my favorite expansion was Heavensward. I love A Realm Reborn for it's nostalgia, but, as I am approaching Shadowbringers (the 4th expansion), I am nervous, but, excited for it. I don't watch the trailers/opening cinematics until after my friends suggest so I don't spoil myself on things. Heavensward did that and I was glad I finished HW along with ARR before watching them.

As for games from the franchise that I'd recommend? Well, I haven't played the remake of 7, but, I loved the original, so, I recommend 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Most of them can be found on Steam. If you ever have any questions? Feel free to reach out any time! ^.^

Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 6 days ago ( 2023/11/27 18:15:54 )
@ahi: Super fascinating stuff, thanks for sharing so much about the game and what draws you to it!! I think perhaps knowing the franchise has been around for a while and being "late to the game" gives me a sense of not being able to "catch up" and understand everything about it. With so many games in the series, does the story/plot remain continuous or are there enough differing pieces of lore and developing stories that anyone can jump into it any time? Perhaps that's been my main fear with approaching the thing! That and also lack of accessibility; I didn't have any gaming consoles growing up ('til junior year of high school when I got a laptop that could run Skyrim... lifechanging) and currently don't yet have a nice enough PC setup to use my Steam library. When that fated day comes, I'll be delving into all kinds of franchises no doubt!

So cool to know you've had that love for FF ongoing and that even after lots of time it continues to have new developments. Makes me think of how I've been getting back into Minecraft a little bit lately (I'm a very low-key kind of player haha) and it's neat to see how many newer types of materials/animals/etc. they've included to make the game still somehow feel fresh and interesting despite its simple premise!

Donator — THEY/M Posted 4 days ago ( 2023/11/29 13:17:43 )
No problem at all, I am always happy to share things I am passionate in or enjoy a lot. It's nice to be heard as well when someone asks what you enjoy. As far as being "late to the game", I felt the same way when I joined the MMORPG myself this year, and I have seen so many new people join every day. Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi P - who is the game producer, director and designer) has talked about the game is something people should take their time with and enjoy every aspect of it, it also mentions on the website too, "Life in Eorzea offers much more than just fighting! Slow down and go fishing, craft items, or take screenshots decked out in stylish gear with your friends! Enjoy the world of FFXIV at your own pace."

If you decide to join? I suggest downloading from the website itself when you do get a better PC as you can play up to level 70 on any job with no playtime restrictions all while on trial and the first three expansions (the trailers/opening cinematics for the expansions have spoilers which I recommend avoid watching if you wanted to get into it besides ARR (A Realm Reborn).

Here is a link to it (since the website doesn't clarify which trailer you'd be watching):

When it comes to the other games? They are their own stories. You will notice reoccurring themes or character names throughout the franchise (example: Moogles and Chocobos). So, you can really jump in anytime as you said. When it comes to accessibility, FFXIV has a lot of choices such as, disabling or lowering the effects that others give so it's not always flashing your screen, a mode for people who are colorblind (and allowing you to adjust to your own specific needs), hiding name plates (which is a lot when I first started), the speed of which you can pan your camera, and a lot more (my favorite bit of FFXIV is allowing myself to customize my own HUD Layout and choosing any job I want vs sticking to just one). I was pleasantly surprised and they are always adding new features people ask for. It helps too that the game has dialogue boxes which is like closed captioning.

I had a Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, and a Gameboy Color (hot pink - that was stolen) growing up. My parents couldn't afford much and bought consoles when they could second hand usually where it was refurbished. I didn't have many games for the consoles I did growing up, but, was thankful for what I did have. I wasn't allowed many games though as so many were very violent unfortunately. I didn't play Final Fantasy until I got to my teenage years along with Dance Dance Revolution at the local mall arcade, same with Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, and few others. If I wasn't at the mall, I was at home playing The Sims and Flash Games I'd find online.

Skyrim and Minecraft are a lot of fun, I get motion sick from both super easily sadly. I did for FFXIV as well at first until I learned I could zoom out and change camera angle. I get stressed from a lot of stuff in Minecraft as they make me anxious where I feel Minecraft should be enjoyable and semi-peaceful and while I know there is a creative mode, but, I prefer gathering resources to build my own places, etc. Easy/Peaceful mode is almost too easy, then normal mode is too anxiety inducing. So, no winning for me there really. xD; I do enjoy modded Minecraft, but, also, have no brainpower or energy to keep up with it often. I think the reason people like you and I who enjoy Minecraft is because it is simple, it is straight forward, simple to understand, also, I know I love it as it reminds me of Legos or Lincoln Logs.
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